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Dumb For Ass

My Goddess ass makes you so dumb for me. Your mind empties and you just turn into a gooning weak-ass addict for me. Staring at my ass turns you into my total ass bitch.

You are focused on it shaking, jiggling, and how shiny the oil makes it look. My big ass makes you so dumb! So very dumb for Goddess. You are speechless and in awe of my powerful ass. It rules your cock.

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RNNN: Complete Drain

I am surprised you made it this far…. let’s make sure you are completely drained the empty. 💋

Rosie’s No Nut November: Sweet Lips Denial

My lips are luscious and irresistible. The perfect lips that will make you blow your load. Except, you can’t bitch. You have to be teased by my lips and you don’t get to cum! I know how hard that is going to be for you. But, you better do it to please me, loser.

Rosie’s No Nut November: Making That Cock Hard For Denial

Driving your crazy just to deny you in the most teasing way possible.

Rosie’s No Nut November: Denial Is What You Deserve

It’s the end of No Nut November. I’m quite sad. I bet you are happy because you believe I am going to let you cum come tomorrow. We shall see. You know you need my permission. It’s what you live for.