10 Best Cum Eating Instruction Fetish Clips

Cum eating instruction aka CEI is when a dominatrix instructs and/or coerces a submissive to eat their own ejaculate. This can be an intensely erotic (or extremely humiliating) act of submission.

CEI clips are some of my best sellers. I enjoy making fetish clips in this category. I love creating different concepts and ways for my CEI fans to enjoy their fetish. I also love humiliating my fans about eating their cum if they are into that sort of thing.

Over the years I have created a vast library of over 100+ clips containing cum eating instructions. These are the ones that have been top sellers in my store. Are you wanting to eat your cum for me? Then check these out my little cum slut.

female dominatrix cum eating instruction

“Down Your Throat Good Boy”

ebony femdom cum eating instruction

“Humiliating CEI” ft. Queen Black Mamba

extreme domination cum eating instruction

“Do It Or I Will Chop It Off”

cum eating instruction

“Blowjob CEI”

nurse fetish cum eating instruction

“Hot Male Nurse Coerced CEI” ft. Queen Black Mamba

female domination cum eating instruction

“Swallow, Spit And Flush”

sensual domination cei

“Sensual Cum Eating Experience 2”

female domination cei

“Second Best”

cum eating instruction femdom clip

“Hungry Puppy CEI”

nun fetish cum eating instruction

“Bad Boys Must Eat Their Cum For Forgiveness”