10 Ways To Submit To Me Financially

I don’t hide the fact that I love men spoiling me with their cash. I’m a Goddess, and if you can’t serve me real time (I reserve this treatment for select slaves only, so don’t ask) then your only option is to serve me financially.

Many online submissives scoff at the term financial domination. I get it, it may not be your fetish, but if you want to serve me online and/or make me happy know that money is always involved. I don’t do this for free. I take time to hone my craft and bring my best to your fetish experience.

Yes, you will pay me. Get over yourself, and never think I owe you anything for free. In fact, you’ll make your experience much better knowing you must pull that wallet out in my presence. If you want something from me, have your finances together. No exceptions, no excuses.

So, now that we have an understanding you can read on for ways to serve me financially. Giving enriches our lives and you shouldn’t be afraid to give to me. I enrich your life as well after all. Who else understands you like I do? No one!

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I need stuff, I want stuff. I buy it with my money. But I don’t think I should do that. Why spend my money when I can spend yours? I mean you do work for me now anyway. I’m the new boss of your checking account.

My spending is now an extension of your own. You should, in fact, be asking me daily what money I have spent today so you can cover my expenses. From a little amount to a lot, whatever you can cover for the day, you should.

For example, right now I am typing on a brand-new laptop I just purchased. It cost $1.5k (rounded off) and I purchased it on Amazon (A Huawei Matebook X). A good boy would reimburse me for this in the form of an Amazon gift card or direct tribute to cover the cost.

Sometimes I will snap pictures of my purchases on my twitter for slaves to cover. Definitely take the opportunity to show you are thinking of me and want to be of use. You do like to be used, don’t you? Of course, because you are pitiful for me and my perfection.

Online Shopping

OMG, I love shopping online. I dislike going to malls. Too many people in one place, it is quite draining sometimes. I love the convenience of online shopping doing it at home in my sexy underwear. Just imagine that.

Why not take me on an online shopping spree? On your dime of course. We can even make it a game. Surprise me hour after hour with gift cards to my favorite online stores (LUSH, NET-A-PORTER, Victoria Secret, ASOS, Amazon, FRANK, Miss LOLA).

Of course, I always love surprises to my email. Give what you can and send it to my email to give me a nice surprise. What better do you have to do with your money than spend it on me? Nothing is better than giving to me.

Bill Payments

So, this may seem as taboo in some financial domination circles. But I don’t give a fuck. Slaves are for my use and do whatever I see fit. You all exist to fund my life in every aspect. I mean, why not? Why should a beautiful, intelligent and seductive woman such as me pay for anything?

I do have reoccurring bills every month. This is something I would assign to a dedicated money slave. This means this is something you earn. If I see you are consistent and earnest in your efforts to pay me, then you will get assigned a bill to pay month after month.

For example, my cell phone bill is about $100 something every month. It would be your duty to pay that month after month on a designated date. How cool would that be to pay for something I use daily? Pretty awesome in my book.

Travel Expenses

I travel a great deal. Most of my travel is centered in Asia now. I’m always booking flights, hotels, an Airbnb and tour packages. Gift cards to airline companies, hotel booking agencies, Airbnb and in general reimbursements make you a good boy to me.

Here are some gift cards I can always use for travel: Airbnb,,, Flightgiftcard, Amazon Travel Gift Cards

Cum Tax

This is a quite common way to serve me financially that deals more with yourself. This is for those new to this type of servitude and want to ease in slowly to serving me financially. It’s also quite easy, every time you bust a nut to me…send a tribute telling me that you did. You can just name is “cum tax” or if you’re feeling more description just write me a sweet message.

Of course, it you cum to be often this can get quite expensive. But I don’t care about that. Nor should you. Just do it! I like cum tax tributes to be at least $25. You can send them here or here.

Clip Binges

This is also way to serve me financially that benefits you as well. Now, regular clip sales I do not count. But clip binges REALLY show me that you’re interested in me. I mean, you’re only going to drop hundreds or thousands on clips only if you really, really like me.

Binging can also go on for hours. I’ve had both happen. Slaves who buy clips for hours always amuse me also. It’s like they can’t stop, and I love counting the hours until they do.


The tried and true method of true financial domination. The tribute. Giving up money just because. No other reason than you just wanting me to have it. I love tributes. I can never get enough of them. I like them to be $100 or more. Most tributes I get are at least that, I mean I only repeat it again and again in my clips, ha-ha.

Tributing is quite easy, you just enter the amount and press enter. Give me the money slave! If you’re one of the slaves that loves to ask, “how may I serve you Goddess?”, well I’ll always tell you to do this. I guess I’ll also just start linking this article for you dummies out there that can’t seem to figure it out.

Stop asking dumb questions and get to giving me what I want…money.

Beauty Treatments

I’m a Goddess of unique and speechless beauty. I put attention into my appearance. My beauty routine is simple. I don’t aim for expensive products or treatments with a lot of ingredients. I like the more “natural” approach to upkeep myself.

Product wise I use a variety of LUSH products and The Body Shop. Everything else I make myself, it’s one of my hobbies. If I order online, it’s usually through Ebay or Amazon.

Wellness is also apart of my beauty regime. This includes strength training, yoga and holistic treatments. I am a fan of tea and am always buying one. I use Iherb to buy teas online.

Spending time in Asia (especially Thailand), I have become a fan of massages. I aim to get them at least four times out the month or more.

I believe health is the most important part of your wealth. If you are not healthy, happy and beautiful you cannot thrive in life. This is an important part of my life and any slave that contributes gets extra points.

Paycheck Findom

This is a dream of any financial domination slave. A Goddess coming and just taking their whole paycheck. Wouldn’t you just love that? Of course.

But not everyone wants to take that dive. I understand. Why not commit a portion of your paycheck to me then? Kind of how religious people do with tithes. Commit at least ten percent (or more) of your paycheck to me.

You can even pay off your bills, save some for eating and give the rest to me. I think that’s quite nice of me to allow you to eat with MY money.

Need guidance with this? You can pay for it. Tribute me $100 and I will devise a plan to divide your paycheck up to serve me financially.

Now you have multiple ways to give me more. Do all ten and that will prove how dedicated you are. It will…impress me.

All gift cards can be sent to me email address: or

Happy Spending,

Goddess Rosie Reed

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