10 Ways To Worship Me Everyday

1. Make me your phone screen saver. In today’s world everyone is connected to their phone. It’s often the first thing we see upon awakening. Well, scratch that…the first thing you will see is my beautiful face on your screen. Make it a smiling picture to warm your pitiful little heart.

2. Send me a “Good Morning Goddess” tribute. You want to wish the most important person in your life a happy morning. The tribute can be any amount, but it must say “Good Morning Goddess” as an attached message. This is a great way to show me I’m on your mind first thing in the morning.

3. Check all my social media and clip stores. You need to stay up to date on what I am doing and what I have created for you to watch. Don’t ever slack on this. Check in every single day.

4. Watch a motivational clip before you go to work. You go to work for me. I am your boss and your earnings are used to get access to my fabulous self. Motivate yourself even more by watching a clip of mine that will help brighten your day at work.

5. Kiss my feet. You are lowly. You are a maggot. You are a slave. Find a picture of my feet to keep on hand and kiss them throughout the day. This will help you remember your place in this life…as my servant.

6. Ask me to make you a special audio file. Sometimes video is too much of a hassle to watch anywhere. But, wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to hear my sweet voice still? Of course it would be. Email me to purchase a custom audio file (

7. Take care of yourself. It’s important that you are in good health in order to serve me well and long. If you aren’t taking care of yourself that means you don’t really care about me.

8. Be obedient. This is very important. Obedience doesn’t mean that you never have an opinion, but it does mean following my instructions exactly as I say.

9. Ask questions. If you aren’t sure about something or want to know more about me…just ask! I love connecting with potential slaves that are truly interested in getting to know me.

10. Mantras before bedtime. I should be the last person on your mind before you fall asleep at night. A good way to do this is repeating mantras on your knees.