7 Ways To Spoil Me

It’s no question that I LOVE to be spoiled by admirers, submissives and slaves. Adoration is part of the game when you’re a GODDESS. And I am that totally. Of course I deserve it and so much more.

It’s your honor to give me all that you have. And it’s perfectly natural to feel like you do about me. Giving makes you feel wonderful, so give freely!

  1. Tributes Of Appreciation. Send me a nice tribute with a sweet message attached. I love tributes $100 or more the best. It really shows me you appreciate me and are thinking of me.
  2. Wishlist gifts. I love surprises in the mail. Also, my wishlist gives you insight into things I REALLY want. That way you know definitely I will be pleased. Shop my wishlist by clicking here.
  3. BIG clip orders. Massive clip orders show me how much of an addict you really are. I’m really impressed by clip orders $300 or more. It tells me you are really dedicated to worshipping me.
  4. Gift Cards To Restaurants. I LOVE eating good food. I also love eating in inspiring restaurants. Treat me to a good place by sending a gift card to my email address (
  5. Dedicated fan pages/twitter accounts. Short on cash? Worry not, you can still spoil me by promoting how great I am. Dedicate your time to growing another fan base for me. Make it big, make it awesome.
  6. Technology to help my business. If you ever come across a gadget or program that you feel can help me further my empire, feel free to inquire with me on how to purchase it for me. It shows me you really care about my success.
  7. Travel gifts. I love going to new places. Maybe you know of a place I should visit… send me to it on your dime. Or maybe you want to give me gifts to help with long travel on flights. Whatever it is… it feels good to give to Goddess in this way.

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