Ass Worship: A Tribute To My Ass

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My ass is a big topic of conversation. Everyone I meet makes some comment about my perfect derriere. Women or men, it doesn’t matter… my ass makes a statement. Proportion wise, my ass sticks out. I have a rather small waist compared to my hips. This makes a sort of “coke bottle” shape that is sought out by many.

I love my ass. And so, do my fans online. All of you can’t stop obsessing and spending money drooling over my picture-perfect ass. I have fans that have been worshipping my ass for years. It’s a work of art for sure.

Has my ass always been this way? No. My ass size has fluctuated throughout the years. As has my weight, which affects my proportions. A long time ago, when I was in my teens, I didn’t have a prominent booty at all. I blossomed much later compared to my classmates.

My ass was small and in my teenage dramatics I thought this would be the result for the rest of my life. I thought I would live a life with no ass. I was so wrong! But, at the time, I couldn’t see beyond my current condition. I wished to have an ass.

“Trapped In Ass Addiction”

The Beginning

I had no ass, and worse I couldn’t dance. At least, I thought I couldn’t, ha-ha. If it’s looking like I didn’t have much confidence in myself as a teenager, it is because I didn’t. The only outlet I had as a teenager was the internet and music videos. My parents were rather strict, so I wasn’t allowed to do much friend wise. And I was massively shy, so that didn’t help either.

The internet allowed me to express myself freely. I could live out my fantasies. Much like many of you do with my clips. Now, I was exploring myself during the dial up days of internet. You know, AOL and the screeching banshee sound of connecting to the internet.

This is what I refer to the golden time of the internet.

Where is was less based on arguing with people, bloated opinions, memes and confusing ideologies. It’s where people just wanted to connect to other people with similar interest. It’s where chat rooms thrived, and actual meaningful conversations went on.

I do miss those times. I often hung out in Sailor Scouts chat rooms. The Sailor Venus chat room was a common hangout spot of mine. I was a big Sailor Moon fan due to Sailor Moon being on Cartoon Network. But there wasn’t much Sailor Scout talk going on in these chatrooms. People came here for conversation and…cybersex.

I’ll have to talk about this later. I’m going a bit off topic here because this part of my internet life has nothing to do with my ass. I’m just giving you a bit of background about myself. What really helped me discover my ass was music videos!

Learning To Dance

I had no motivated intention to learn to dance. I kind of did it on accident. I more so was mesmerized by the music videos I saw on television. I would record my favorites on VHS tape and imitate the choreography to the best of my ability. Little did I know I was training myself to be a skilled “club dancer”.

One video that sticks out to me is Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl” video. I LOVED that video. It’s when Beyoncé started being more seductive in her music videos. I felt her energy, her vibe, her sexiness, everything was just what I wanted to be. I guess this was the budding stages of my sexuality that I exhibit freely today.

I learned the choreography to the best of my ability, along with other music videos I copied. I also got a hold of this belly dancing DVD that I played repeatedly. I think this was influenced by Shakira’s music videos and Beyoncé’s “Baby Boy” music video. All of this prepared me for the one party I would attend in High School.

High School Graduation Party

You remember me saying my parents were strict? Yes? Well that means I had to tell a lie to go to this party. Luckily, my best friend had a car and well, she had to lie to her mom as well. Typical teenager shit, haha. All in all, we ended up at this party. I can’t recall what I was wearing, but it probably was risqué.

I had a boyfriend at the time, but I don’t recall him going to this party. Maybe we were arguing at the time, I can’t recall. But, that’s not important. What is important is that I found out what guys liked me at this party. I also started to discover my sexual power over men.

I danced, in public, with real boys.

I don’t know where it came from, but I danced well. And I’m pretty sure I gave a lot of boners that night. That party was confirmation that I was coming into a different me, a whole new power…so it began.

My ass had power. It could make men melt. It could make them bend to my will. It didn’t matter what their intentions were, because once I danced with them, I could mold them into whatever I wanted. But I also had to hone my abilities to make this work well.

College: A Time To Party

College served a major purpose for me: to get from under my parents’ supervision. My parents wouldn’t allow me to go out of state despite promising offers from schools (my GPA was quite high). So, I went as far as I could, three hours away.

School was no big deal to me. I was rather lazy with academics because it came easily to me (except mathematics). I did my work, but I was more focused on having fun and letting loose. I wanted to drink, party and discover the opposite sex. I wasn’t reckless. Most of my love affairs were off-campus older men. So, all my naughtiness was kept under wraps unless I told someone.

But what my peers did see was my brashness at parties. My dancing skills somehow improved trifold, especially when I was under the influence. I just didn’t dance with my ass…I stimulated the dick with my ass. I’m sure my dance partners felt like they were having sex, ha-ha. I mean, I guess that’s why each one fell in lust with me.

Now, I must stop here and say… my own obsession with my ass was not focused on the form of it. It was rather my dancing skills and how I used it to lure men. You see, when you have a treasure, you must use it in all ways, not just one.

Booty shaking fetish clip with model twerking

“Perfect Ass”

Goddess Rosie Reed’s Ass

Rosie Reed isn’t just a stage name for me. Rosie is a part of me. Another part of me that is bold, seductive and outgoing. Rosie is a part of me and me. Is that confusing? Oh well, maybe one day you will get it.

That isn’t to say anything about me in this online domination world is fake. I pretty much am true to everything I put out there. If I was put into the right situation to do anything in my clips, I would. But, for some of my clips, there are repercussions on this reality we live in. And for that, my freedom is more important.

Rosie is me. I am Rosie. My body now is the result of my progress, my awakening, my desires. My confidence flows through me. I am totally in love with myself. I am in love with my ass. Well, so are you! My ass contributes to my livelihood. I make money off my booty I was born with. How lucky I am.

My booty slays men. There is no argument there. It’s not the biggest ass in the world, but it is MINE. And with my powers of seduction my most dedicated slaves have tunnel vision. I’m not in competition with anyone else but myself. I have the best ass, there is no one better.

I started in this industry as a cam model.

This where I honed my seduction, conversation and broadened my dancing skills. This all prepared me for the next phase in my career…dominating men online. If you think I can’t truly be dominate doing it online for cash, then fuck you.

My heart is in my craft. I do it well and I plan to do it for as long as I can. My ass gets better every second, minute, hour, day, month and year. The longer you obsess over my ass in clips, the more you fall in love with it and me.

One thing about me, I am always aiming to improve. My ass has changed and enhanced over the years, and you addict won’t ever get over it. Maybe it’s the tease or the thought of drooling over what you can never have.

Cheers to my Goddess ass.


Goddess Rosie Reed

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