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Asshole Is Your Religion 9

Oh, most devoted worshipper. How you love my holy asshole. It is quite divine indeed. Bow down and worship every single hair of my precious asshole. So precious to you, your God indeed! Sing praises as you worship by stroking your lowly cock to your God. Oh, how divine is my asshole! Oh, how sacred every single hair is!

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In Love With Red

You are always wondering how my lips can look so perfect lacquered in red. It’s because they are simply perfect, no further explanation needed. The most perfect lips you have ever laid your eyes on.

My Goddess lips are the archetype for thousands that try to imitate their perfection. Here you bow before me in worship to their perfection. They are so coveted. 

I take control of you and make you a weak little lipstick slave for me.

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Don’t You Dare Cum

I’m in the mood for a cruel lipstick slave tease and you are my prey. How fortunate for you. I am going to leave you dripping by the time I am done with you.

You are going to be so mind fucked from my cruel lipstick tease, you are going to beg me to cum. I won’t grant your request. Teasing you is just too much fun.

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