Denied Asshole Nerd- Asshole Fetish

You did good nerd. Another semester of flawless grades for me. Shame I get all the credit while you do the hard work, isn’t it? Nah, you like doing this for me. Don’t you? You have a little crush on me…that’s why it was so easy to get you to be my worker bee.

I have a little treat for you. I know you are going to like it. I mean, my boyfriend LOVES it. I’m talking about my perfect little asshole. It’s so tight…totally hugs around a cock. And you know what I love the most…getting my tight little asshole licked.

My boyfriend does it so well. You see that’s what I have been doing with all this free time I have LOL. Do you want to see my asshole? I bet you want to lick it too…don’t you? Maybe I should make this your reward…