Diary Post 1

Today was a good day to finally start my personal site. It wasn’t anything in particular that drove me to start it. What I mean is I just…fell into it.

So, the story goes like this…

I was on YouTube. I don’t remember at the moment what video I was watching. It doesn’t matter… all that matter is at the start of this video there was an ad. The ad was about creating a Wix website. Thus, from there the magic happened.

It was innocent at first. Really, at this point I had no intentions of *actually* starting my website. But, the ease of user interface pulled me in. It was SO easy. I just couldn’t resist myself. I got pulled in.

I created one page, then another, then another! And before I knew it I had created a site I actually liked. And I thought to myself “yes, this will do.”

So here we are. It’s time we start to dive deeper. I want to really get inside you.