Diary Post 3


Miss me? Yes, of course you did.

Life is always wonderful for me. I am grateful for every day. I have love, money, family, friends and endless opportunities all centered around abundance. I have good food all around me too!

I really need to post pictures of my new life in Japan. I was lucky enough to be here for the cherry blossom blooming stint. Cherry blossoms are soooooo so beautiful. I wish they were in bloom longer. But, the fact that the flowers don’t last for long teaches us one important thing: cherish beauty because eventually it leaves you.

Be grateful for what you have. But, don’t be afraid to ask for more. At the same time… don’t be greedy. It’s just bad vibes.

I miss being by a multitude of beaches. Although, the area I reside in is very close to the coast. So, I can’t wait to explore the beach area when it gets warmer in these parts.

I am taking a short break from Japan soon. I am heading back to America to visit and get some personal things done. I can’t wait to have some lemon pepper wings! Nom nom nom!

Look out for a post soon as me and my bestie Queen Black Mamba will be reunited and you know what that means…. KICKASS FEMDOM/FETISH CLIPS COMING YOUR WAY BITCHESSSS!

We are going to be on our grind because we know our fans love seeing us work together. Anything we make together sells like hot cakes and duh… we have great chemistry on and off film.

You can order a custom if you are interested. We will review them and decide if it’s something we want to do. And yes, it won’t be cheap so please have $$$$.


Goddess Rosie Reed