Diary Post 5

We are not even going to discuss the travesty that is my upkeep of diary post, LOL. I’ll give you a short synopsis of events since my last post: I moved from Japan, flirted around Thailand and now I am wandering around Cambodia.

Leaving Japan was a no-brainer for me after being there for a year. Lovely place to visit just not to live in. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Right now I’m just chillin’ in Cambodia taking everything in. Cambodia is a more straightforward place to be and great for clearing your head. The city I am in now is quite charming. Another plus is the emerging art scene.

I’m interested in learning more about art and collecting. Now, I don’t know shit about art. BUT, I do have an eye for beauty. I ran into this art gallery owner just yesterday and speaking with him was soul-refreshing. Only a short time spent with him gave me a valuable perspective.

While he was talking, I reflected on my own works of art…my clips. Yes, I do consider what I do art. For one…it takes a heavy dose of creativity. And believe me, I have tons of it. At this point, clip ideas come in flashes with immense detail.

Lately, I’ve been connecting more with my fans. If you see more messages and engagement from me, this is why. I want to know your thoughts, desires, and recommendations. It helps my creative process even more. So when you get a message from me…reply!

I plan to visit Malaysia in the next couple of days. Holding out on eating Indian food until then because I want my face stuffed with it when I visit Malaysia. Of course, there are MANY different types of cuisine where I am going. It’s going to be LITTTTT.

Make sure you take a peek at my Instagram story for my adventures in Malaysia. I’ll post plenty of drool-worthy food pictures. And of course cute videos/pictures of me. Ahhhhh I can’t wait to go.

In September, I plan to be in the states (finally). Andddddd… September is also my birthday. September 17th to be exact. Just keep that little bit in the back of your mind.

xo Goddess Rosie Reed