Diary Post 6

Hello! Hello! Hellloooooooo!

How are you? I am doing quite fantastic. I’m still in SE Asia chillin’ out and doing my thing. If you haven’t noticed already, I am doing a major overhaul on my branding. I still have tons to do so keep an eye out for brand spanking new updates.

My Niteflirt profile is getting a significant update soon as well. My current one sucks balls LOL. It’s super basic and really doesn’t say anything about me. If anything I think my financial domination line is the best, and that’s not saying a lot because it’s old as fuck.

Look, I’m not afraid to talk shit about myself. I mean…I humiliate men for a living. I don’t care to be blunt to myself, to say the least. I need to do better, and I am. I can tell it’s working because my sales have increased with the updates I have done thus far.

The colors I use aren’t typical “dominatrix” colors. You know……black…red…meh. Not really my thing per se. I LOVE color, so some of them are bright and pop. It speaks more to my style and personality. It’s more…ME.

I can talk about my work ALL day, but I don’t think that’s why you are here. You want to know more about me because you’re nosey. Haha, just kidding…I know you like me. It’s quite natural, really.

I recently took a short trip to Kuala Lumpur. It’s the second time I went there. It’s such an eclectic city with a mix of cultures that combine together to make some damn delicious food options.

I was smack dab in the middle of China Town steps away from mouth-watering food options. If you follow my Instagram stories, you definitely saw what I was eating. HEAVEN, absolute heaven.

Kuala Lumpur in general smells like food, LOL. I was slightly annoyed during my trip because we (I was with my significant other) got tied up with this obnoxious dude who was the operating manager at the hotel we stayed at.

He was the type of person who seemed cool at first but ended up sucking up our time. Unfortunately for me, my SO can stand being in the presence of people that talk about. Me…not so much. It annoys me.

I was in a bind because he did show us around and gave us some great insight into financial information (which I love). But… why did he have to be so annoying and talkative? LOL. Personally, I think he had a little man-crush on my SO. He kept touching on him…what do you think? 😉

I plan to spend a month in KL for September, and then I head back to Atlanta on the 30th. I am looking forward to visiting for a few weeks. I am super excited to see my good friend, HailBlackMamba. I am sure many of you are familiar with her.

I believe we will be doing custom videos and Skype shows. I have to discuss this with her, but it doesn’t hurt to start putting in request now. Of course, I am not accepting payments for this just yet.

I can talk about my work ALL day, but I don’t think that’s why you are here. You want to know more about me because you’re nosey. Haha, just kidding…I know you like me. It’s quite natural, really.

Speaking of September…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Specifically, my birthday is September 17th. I am currently working on something exceptional to release on my birthday. It will be FREE for all my fans. I want you all to enjoy my birthday just as much as I will.

If you are on that feels inclined to buy me a gift I will make a separate blog post for that. I have a few key things I am eyeing that I would love to receive from a fan/supporter.

Recently I have been eating up YouTube videos based on money management, personal style, capsule wardrobes, and overall minimalism.

I’ve been guilty of having too much shit. This is especially problematic with traveling. When I left Japan, I had a LOAD of trash. I threw away so much stuff, including a lot of clothes.

Luckily Japan has a tight-knit recycling effort going on in the country. But, looking back, I think about all the money I wasted buying things I really didn’t need/weren’t worth it. Right now, I am in the space of making more conscious buying decisions.

I don’t want to be a collector of meaningless items. In fact, I hate clutter. I honestly do, yet I would acquire things just for the sake of having them. I want this to end.

So…I am making a change. I am making wiser decisions and deciding to purchase higher quality items that will last.

I have already started with my current wardrobe. As far as my personal style, I want something more cohesive with neutral tones. Like I said…I am starting a capsule wardrobe.

This will help significantly with my luggage weight as well, LOL. I am excited to implement these new changes in my life. It really is inspiring me to do better overall.

So that’s the mode I am in right now….clearing out the fucking clutter! Are you currently making any positive changes in your life right now? Let me know!

I’ll be sure to update you on my progress and what I am doing. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.