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Don’t Be Delusional


It’s always interesting the types of messages I get. I rarely get hate mail or anyone blatantly trying to disrespect me. I do, however, see how delusional many of you are about your place in my life.

This is a symptom of many of you thinking you are more important than you are. I get why you may think that because you are truly a loser in life. You have no true goals, ambitions nor consistency. You probably believe I owe you attention from your little messages. You probably actually believe I BELIEVE anything you say.

I’ve been in this business long enough to know men will lie for no reason at all. None of you have any reason to lie to me because I could care less truly. You either will do what I say or cease to exist to me. I’m only focused on those who are obedient and give me what I want. If you aren’t doing that then beat it, go play in traffic.

Delusional grown ass men think they have more importance than they do. They believe their presence is a value. They believe their attention has value. They truly believe this and it’s just hilarious to me.

My attention has value. My presence has value. My mere existence is value to men all over the world who know their place in the presence of a TRUE GODDESS.

You don’t get gifts for your existence. You don’t get tributes for your existence. You don’t get to go on lavish vacations for your existence. No one fawns over you. No one thinks you are amazing just for being you. You don’t get paid thousands of dollars per month for being yourself.

YOU’RE NOT ME BITCH. So stop thinking we are on the same level here. It’s foolish.

Keep wasting your time thinking that I’m going to chase you or even care that much about your existence. Realize the facts here stupid: I’m the prize. I’m the one to be chased. I’m the one who you NEED attention from.

Knowing your place in life is essential your happiness. When you act out of order, when you act out of alignment with your true self and purpose… you get poor results in life. You will never experience true happiness with a beautiful Goddess. You will neverrrrrrrrr get the opportunity to be in my presence.

You can never be me. You can never attain the power that I have. The sooner you come to grips with your reality the sooner you can move forward positively in your servitude to me.

I laugh at these type of messages. All of you are replaceable. NONE of you are so important in my life that I can’t just breathe and another groveling bitch will show up to serve me. Get with the program and get in where you fit in.

Messages like this make me laugh, and believe me this idiot isn’t the first. It’s just every now and then I have to make an example out of the mass of losers.