Female Supremacy Thoughts: Why Servitude Costs You

Financial Domination.

Oh, those two words scare and pisses off a lot of you. It enrages you to know that superior women on the internet take easily one of the factors that define you as a man. Some of you think it’s women getting something for absolutely nothing (you’re a little bit right about this, but it’s much more complicated than that, of course.)

This so-called fetish has sneakily made its way into fetish and the BDSM online scene. You find online dommes/princesses/goddesses incorporating it into their arsenal of taking control of cocks all over the world. It’s the hottest topic in the online domination world. It’s like the Kim Kardashian of fetish, whether you hate it or love it, it has your attention.

The truth is financial domination is nothing new. And no, I’m not talking about any woman that was doing it before it blew up online. I’m talking about how men have been giving superior women money out of pure adoration since the dawn of time.

Women, by nature, are the objects of desire for men. It seems that men lose all sense of logical thinking when it comes to a woman they desire. The most intelligent and tactical man can fall prey to the seduction of a woman. This makes him want to give her things to prove his devotion to her charms and beauty.

Whether it’s one, hundreds, or thousands, they all have one clear goal: to provide and prove their worth as a man. Some may give gifts and money; some may offer valuable services, and others will protect her by sacrificing their well-being (i.e., being a bodyguard or something like that.)

And what does the woman do to deserve this? One answer is that she simply exists. She inspires the man with her radiating presence. Her existence makes him want to provide for her in some way. He feels as if he MUST do this. As if it was his purpose in life.

I feel it isn’t that simple, though. Women are the reason men get to enjoy this reality. If it weren’t for your mother, you would not exist (please refer to Hailblackmamba’s excellent post, including this fact.) Now, I know what you are thinking. Your father had to contribute his sperm for the process even to begin.

BUT your father does not carry you for the duration of your growth. He is not the portal of life. Your mother is. I hope you honor her, if not for anything else, for the fact she decided you were worthy of a physical form.

Men exist to protect women. Not because women are weak (this is a European centric idea based on patriarchy), but rather because men biologically can easily attain what’s necessary to perform this function. Not to mention that, deep down inside, you are fine-tuned to feel this way for any woman of your affections (biology and social norms promote this.)

The problem I find in most men these days is that patriarchy has brainwashed the masses into turning away from this fact. It has pegged one sex more dominant over the other. There is no way in hell that the simple biology and behavior of men can dominate the complex nature of women.

Women rarely show straight lines of choice, reasoning, and sexual preference of mates. Men’s needs and wants tend to be more simple. Women always throw researchers for a loop. Women cannot be pegged down. Women cannot be figured out so quickly.

It’s that mystery that makes some women so addictive to men. You want to be in my presence because I add thrill to the monotony of your life. I brighten it up with my presence alone. Suddenly, things are less dull. Basking in the divine feminine will ALWAYS be preferred over trudging in the mud with other men.

In today’s society, most men work to receive money. We live in a capitalistic society, so this is naturally part of the order. You work, you earn, and you (hopefully) will spend it to keep the cycle going. What I want you to understand is that you shouldn’t waste your money on anything that isn’t contributing to your life purpose…being in servitude to me, a superior woman.

If you have negative programming about financial domination, I urge you to start the process of relearning under my guidance. I do not even want you to think about the words anymore.

You are serving me by providing your hard-earned money to contribute to the progression of my Goddess life. This is how you prove your worth to me. This is how you show me that you adore me. This is how you confirm that you aren’t another loser timewaster.

In this arena, money talks and bullshit gets blocked. The results of your hard work belong to me. Trust me; it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding thing you will ever do.