Femdommes Shouldn’t Be Nude

If you pay attention to femdom twitter at all, you have definitely seen this statement floating around. I’ve seen girls use this to bully other content creators. Some non-nude femdommes have used their policy of not taking their clothes off to present some kind of hierarchy. In essence, they believe they are *better* than those that get naked.

So here is my opinion on that.

Bitch, bye.

I’ve seen some prominent figures, especially in the financial domination sphere, spew this garbage as if it femdomme gospel. As if they are the voice of the customer base in ALL of female domination and financial domination. As if they know what every consumer of online female domination content likes and dislikes. They do not.

When I first started in online femdom content creation, I too was coerced into this ideal. I actually had a guy email me telling me this. Yes, a guy…telling a budding femdomme what to do. Not only that, the top performers that I saw didn’t have any nude content as far as I could see. So, I believed this to be the norm.

But, something just didn’t make sense to me. For me, female domination is based on female supremacy. Which basically means that women are thought to be superior in all ways, and men are here to worship us/serve us. Women are the superior sex. Girls rule boys drool. You get the idea.

The idea that a woman is devalued because she gets nude is deeply based in patriarchy. It’s also profoundly idiotic. Because if this were *really* the case camgirls would not be at the height of success and popularity as they are.

Sometimes I feel like the thoughts and doctrine spread in femdom twitter/spaces has no forethought at all. And if you do disagree/offer a different viewpoint, you are instantly attacked. But it’s no surprise to me, this is how some women operate.

I was reticent to put out certain content for a while because I feared how I would be perceived. But then I had to really take a good look at where that thought came from in the first place. I also had to ponder on exactly who’s perception I feared.

And guess what…it definitely wasn’t the perception of my customers/fans. Honestly, except for that ONE guy, that fear stemmed from the words and policies of other women in my field of work. Why the HELL should I care what they think or say? THEY aren’t contributing to any part of my income.

THEY don’t buy my clips. THEY are not my customer base. THEY aren’t doing a damn thing except making me feel bad for something totally natural, beautiful and unique.

What I rediscovered is that my non-nude content sells just as well as my nude content. And after producing more nude content, my sales did not drop. My customers/fans didn’t stop buying my work because I did nude content. I mean, maybe some did, but they don’t matter, LOL.

Now I’m speaking to any content creator/cam girl/PSO that may be going thru something similar…DO YOU. Acknowledge who your fans are. Remember they like YOU for you. The human female form is the most cherished on this planet. Motherfuckers literally have gone to war over a fine ass woman they adore.

Be naked and proud. 🙂