Forced Bi: You, Me And Dick

If you aren’t aware by now, Forced Bisexual aka Forced Bi aka Coerced Bi aka Make Me Bi (a new one rolled out by Clips4sale) is one of my favorite fetishes to shoot point of view style. Not only is shooting clips for Forced Bi extremely lucrative, but it is a category that breeds a lot of creativity for me. Of all the phone calls I get on my Niteflirt, those dealing with the Forced Bi fetish are numerous.

Forced Bi is very popular in the online fetish world. There are numerous reasons why a submissive man would be attracted to this fetish. For some it can be a thrilling, humiliating, mind-fucking and/or totally emasculating ride. To delve into this fetish rings true to the power exchange that is front and center for a dominant/submissive relationship.

But, before I get into all that let me first define what Forced Bi is for you. Maybe you’re new to this or you just need a refresher. Regardless, I guarantee you will be even more intrigued by this fetish by the end of this blog post. Hey, maybe you’ll even give me a call so we can discuss this…further *wink wink*.

What Is Forced Bi?

Forced Bi is a BDSM action in which the submissive is coerced into engaging in sexual activities with someone of the same sex by their dominant. The level of coercion varies and depends on the relationship between the submissive and dominant. It can go from light coercion to extreme play of forcing a submissive to perform acts to the desires of their dominant. Again, this depends on the relationship between the parties involved.

Forced Bi assumes the submissive is bisexual, but I like to say it is only for that moment (and it is loosely attached). Most submissives (only men from my experiences) I have talked with about this are not attracted to men at all outside of play time.

The focus is on a woman forcing them into doing sexual acts to another man, usually deemed superior to them (sometimes it can be other submissives). Some even narrow it down to only fetishizing the dick. It’s more of the act that turns them on, not the one they are doing it to.

That’s not to say that there aren’t submissives who are truly bisexual engaging in this type of play. But, to me it kind of takes away from the “forced” part of this play knowing that one is definitely attracted to members of the same sex. That’s just my preference and opinion.

Femdom POV Forced Bi Strap On

The Language Of Forced Bi

Some fetish categories have certain language involved and Forced Bi happens to be one of them. Often times you will see and/or hear these trigger words being used:



Cum Dumpster


Gay Boy

Cock Sucker



Big Black Cock

Cock Hungry

Cum Slut

Trigger words initiate arousal when a submissive sees or hears them. In my experience, just saying these words takes the submissive into a sub-space and ignites their pleasure receptors. Forced Bi submissives LOVE me using these words. Some of them are quite humiliating for the submissive which adds to the experience.

I find that most of my submissives want to be in the position of being totally used against their will. Most of the time I will refer to them as property, putting a dehumanizing effect to the fantasy. They are mine to use as I wish, how I wish and are to do whatever I wish regardless of morals. This is the mind fucking part of Forced Bi that I love to engage in.

You, Me And Dick

I make the Forced Bi fetish very appealing for my clip fans. I can go from sensual to hard core depending on what I am shooting. I love to bring fresh ideas to the fantasy whenever possible. My inspiration comes mainly from talking with submissives, questioning straight men or just plain sitting down and focusing on new ideas.

Forced bi is on the upper echelon of humiliation and emasculation. For a seemingly “straight” man to engage in sexual activities with another man of my choosing is powerful for me. Even to make submissives repeat things that they would dare not say in their regular life amuses me.

The humiliation aspect of Forced Bi is often times what I harp on the most. It ties in sweetly with coercion and making a submissive act out desires. Even going as far as making them question the stableness of their own sexuality feeds my sadistic mind-fucking nature.

I want my submissives to CRAVE dick. I want my submissives to WANT to do this for me. To WANT to suck dick, be fucked by dick and submit to dick. And through all of that, I assure you that this ok. To me, it’s perfectly natural for a submissive man to submit to alpha dick. It’s the natural order of things. I am merely just helping you live out your true potential.

I know you want this. I also know you may have your reservations…those are validated feelings. In fact, your reservations add to the excitement of all this. Knowing you are doing something that is deemed as wrong is the thrill of it all in the first place. In our world, what is seen as wrong is really, really, realllyyyyy good. The deeper we get, the more boundaries blur. It’s exciting to go down this rabbit hole.

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Kind Regards,

Goddess Rosie Reed