How To Be A Financial Domination Slave

I believe most men are into financial domination (more so subconsciously). In fact, it’s the first thing I find men go to automatically when they are mesmerized by a beautiful, confident woman. The scum of the earth would try to tarnish a powerful woman’s confidence (with no avail), but a man who means well usually senses the Goddess before him.

Any man that I have curried even the tiniest amount of favor towards goes for his wallet to curry mine. It can be something as simple as a drink (the gateway drug- a small purchase) and I deem him worthy it will snowball from there. And it doesn’t matter whether the man is with another woman or not.

The basis is this… men love to spoil women they admire. This is hardwired into your brain. It’s natural instinct for men because women have that sexual “it factor”. It’s an essence that is devoid of men. It’s one of many things that set us apart.

This isn’t to say men aren’t to be desired. Certainly there are a handful of men who automatically breed sexual desire in women. It’s just that… that’s not really *your* thing. Your thing stopped some sentences ago.

YOU spoil women you admire. YOU spoil me because you admire ME. And from there the snowball effect starts, but with no real commitment from myself.

To me, a good financial domination slave proves time and time again that I am the most admired woman in his life. I am a Goddess above himself. I am unattainable and I owe him nothing. But, he knows he owes me everything merely for my perfect existence.

A true financial domination slave goes above and beyond to impress me. He doesn’t do this for the glory, but rather because it’s what is right. It’s right to tribute Goddess Rosie. It’s right to give her what she asks for. It’s right to sacrifice for Goddess Rosie.

Being a financial domination slave is quite simple… send me money, ask how you can do more and let me live my life of fun and luxury on your expense.

Happiness awaits you… *smooches*


Goddess Rosie Reed

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