Is Online Slavery For You?

Online female domination slavery is a great choice for submissive men that seek a more discreet relationship with me. However, it may not be the best choice for you if you cannot meet my standards.

The first thing you must accept and believe in is that I am the center of focus. I am what you want, so you must do as I say.

The second thing you must accept is that you will engage in financial domination. In today’s world the term is “financial domination”, but really it’s always been the same tune… a man giving gifts to the woman of his affection.

If these two points cause any kind of negative emotion I suggest you stop reading now.

Excellent, you are still here. Bravo.

I have no exact form for how I do online femdom slavery as each person is unique. What works for some, may not work for others. As the female dominant, it is best for me to adjust as necessary.

Regardless, ALL SLAVES should hold deep regard and respect for me. Your life is now mine and you exist purely to serve me.

Getting to know one another is an essential part of the relationship. However, it is not a slave’s right to pry. I give to you as I see fit.

You are my plaything. You are at my disposal. If I feel, even an inkling, that you cannot fit my mold…than you will be gone.

Are you willing to give yourself up in this way?

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