My Ideal Slave: Ass Worship

I love my ass. I mean at this point it’s not a big secret. I am more obsessed with my ass than any of you will ever be. For one…it’s all mine, LOL. I get to spend time with it 24/7. I know, you are so jealous right now.

Yet still, I do desire a slave to worship my ass. Now, my idea of ass worship isn’t exactly how I portray on my fetish clips or how you may have seen it portrayed elsewhere.

It involves no kind of sexual stimulation with your mouth. So, if you got all hype thinking you could one day do that to me…you might as well stop reading stupid.

I mean, I do desire an oral slave one day (another blog post for another time), but that will be under such strict scrutiny which most of you will not even pass the physical examination. I already have one oral slave in mind…he isn’t aware of this yet LOL.


My ass worship slave will fly to wherever I am at the time to purely massage my ass. This is his most important function. This means he will have to take proper care of his hands and build his hand strength. He will have to learn proper technique to massage my ass optimally.

My slave will oversee the upkeep of my ass as well. He will finance luxurious lotions and oils to keep my ass well moisturized and looking good. He will make sure my ass is getting proper physical care as well.

This includes any beauty treatments my ass should receive (massages outside of our sessions together, scrubs, masks and anything else needed.)

He will also be responsible for what my ass “wears”. This includes underwear and applicable clothing. His whole focus and mission in life is the upkeep of my beautiful ass.

My ass is his God. My ass is his life. He will do anything to please my ass and keep it looking good.

I’m putting this out there because one day I will find such a slave. He will read this post and become inspired to fulfill this position.

He will already know at base what I expect from him. He will also insure he possess the income in order to fulfill this position effectively.

Do you think this could be you? Could you prove yourself worthy to fulfill this position?

Questions to ponder on.