*New Clip* “## hackjob” – Executrix Fetish

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You don’t even remember the last thing you remembered. You are that fucked up. And it’s only going to get worse. You see two beautiful women before you and that’s confusing for your dick.

They are scantily clothed beautiful glamazons. Sure they arouse you, yet you are tied up and terrified more than ever. They need the fucking password to get on with the job you idiot.

You couldn’t resist Rosie and Black Mamba. You thought you were going to have a good time while on your work trip. You had been going at it all day long and needed a nice relaxer. A double dose in fact. Something you’ve never done before.

The details of your engagement with these two glamazons are unclear. You don’t remember a thing. You don’t even remember checking into the hotel. What the fuck is this? They got you good.

You don’t have time to even think about a revenge plot. Your fate is sealed. You are still so scared. And these evil bitches could care less. To them, you are a dollar sign. That’s always the thing with pretty girls. What the fuck were you thinking? Damn.

They are creative, beautiful, absolutely stunning. This is how it ends for you. At the mercy of heartless, smiling beauties.