*NEW* Pool Boy Exposed As Toilet Freak

I invite you, my pool boy, into my room to talk. Don’t worry, you are not fired. We need to go over your contract and compensation.

Now, I’m not going to dance around this. I found something interesting on my security cams some time back. I have security cams all over this place, and my pool bathroom as well. I saw you go to the bathroom to clean as normal.

Little did you know I left something in the toilet. I forgot to flush after using the toilet, and I did the number 2. Any regular person would have been grossed out and cursed me a little. But your reaction was so odd and interesting.

You just stared at it, and then you got down on your knees and looked closer at it. Before I knew it your cock was out and you started jerking while looking at my p**p. I was astounded. I’ve never seen someone do that before. Why did you?

Does p**p turn you on, or was it just my sh** that did it? I know about your kind. I want to talk about your contract and how things are going to run around here from now on.