*NEW* Sissification ASMR Style Fetish Clip

asmr femdom pov sissification fetish clip

“Sissy First Time Club Outing”

Today is the day my little sissy. You have worked so hard to become the pretty girl you are now. Countless hours dedicated to you looking AND behaving like a good girl.

Now it’s time for you to be a bad girl. It’s time for you to play with boys and seduce them into fucking you. Don’t worry…these boys LOVE girls like you because you tend to be total cock sluts.

It’s the destiny for a primed and prepped sissy to be used like a slut. To have her faced stuffed with nice dick. You didn’t learn to put on lipstick just because it looks good on you.

Lipstick is for smearing all over those dicks you are going to suck. You aren’t just waxed down there because it feels nice and smooth.

You want that dick to have nice skin to brush past into your sissy pussy. I’ve trained you right and I KNOW you are going to have all the boys drooling tonight.