PAWG & Ebony Goddess Ass Humiliation

Goddess Mae and I spot a fucking desperate loser. Oh… it’s you! Our leather-clad asses make you so hard and horny for us. You are drooling with anticipation of how we will use a loser like you.

We could use you as our human chair. We are in the market for chairs of the male human variety. We start to tease you with our bare asses and assholes. You are in total subspace now stroking to your Goddesses.

You are at our total mercy loser.



Hottest Vore JOI- Vore Fetish

I am going to make you squirt and then eat you! I know you have the same fantasy as me. You crave to be eaten alive by a powerful Giantess Goddess. My mouth is SO HOT to you. I want you to jerk off to my Vore dirty talk.

This dirty talk is appealing to men who want to be eaten. Men who want to be in my stomach. I want to eat you. There is no escape…not like you want to anyway.

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