Goddess Worship 1

Dearest slave…

Recite this Goddess Worship mantra. Goddess Worship mantras should be performed while on your knees bowing before my picture. Use a soft, gentle and loving voice as you say this mantra. It should be repeated morning, noon and before bed for the highest effect.

Goddess Rosie fills my heart with joy!

I love her sweet face, hypnotic voice and gorgeous body.

I am a mere slave in her world, born to serve her.

Goddess Rosie owns me.

No one else is before Goddess Rosie.

I need her. I need her. I need her.

Goddess Rosie is the ruler of my heart.

Goddess Rosie is my whole world.

She is perfect, understanding and most beautiful.

I need her. I need her. I need her.

Goddess Rosie is my ruler.

Goddess Rosie lives on forever.



How To Deal With Liars

Offering your services as an online female dominant is a wonderful thing. But, like many online interactions, it can be filled with snakey, lying bastards.

That’s right, some men have even MORE reason to lie online. Which I find quite odd considering they are willing to share their most secret of secrets with you.

The truth is… everyone lies. And depending on who you are it can be more or less of a big deal. For me, it’s no big deal because I take everything someone says in an online interaction with a grain of salt.

For online interactions with submissive men actions are way more important than words. Until you establish an actual relationship (filled with repetitive, trustworthy action) than you need to safeguard yourself in order to not waste your time with the typical online loser.

  1. Don’t trust these hoes. Like your favorite Chris Brown song… “These hoes ain’t loyal!” Let an online submissive that wants to serve you do the chasing. Never chase after men who say they want to do things for you. That’s just the Golden rule period. There is one of you and PLENTY of them. Don’t make one lying ass trick feel special be checking up on him.
  2. PAY WALL. Liars typically aren’t into paying. I pretty much can weed out the unworthy by pay walling the fuck out of them. Sometimes the intial interaction can be free, but once I start smelling the stench of fuckery I start charging for my time. Charge for responses, charge for interaction, shit…charge for smile.
  3. Take them back with NO enthusiasm. It’s the nature of the game. They come, they beg, they worship and sometimes just like that…they disappear without a fucking word. Who knows why, it’s multiple reasons really. I think some deal with cognitive dissonance or they believe they can do more than they can. Whatever the reason don’t be overjoyed, don’t give them that satisfaction. Demand more money.
  4. No expectations. This will save you a lot of headache beyond being an online femdom. Just don’t expect things from people in the first place. Let them do what they may. People aren’t perfect and make mistakes. We all do. Just chill and be the Goddess that you are. Don’t stress.
  5. Always be in control. You are the dominant one. You are the object of desire. Always be steps ahead. Over time you will be able to read these online submissives like a book. Stand your ground and never apologize for what you want. Demand it, say your peace and let them react as they may. Don’t be apologetic.

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5 Tips For New Fetish Clip Producers

I have been producing fetish clips for a couple of years now. Although I am still learning everyday about this business, I do have a few good tips for new and/or inspiring producers out there.

Make no mistake, being successful in this industry does take creativity and consistency. I believe those are the most important qualities to have if you want to produce fetish clips full time.

1. Research any fetish you plan to do a clip about.

Some fetishes are quite easy to figure out, and some not. Regardless, I encourage you to research the fetish no matter how simple you think it is.

Find out the particulars and get some insight from the fetishist themselves. They often have valuable information to help your clips stand out.

You don’t want to be boring! So, constantly research to find ways to give your clips a fresh new take.

2. Do not compare yourself to others.

Do not worry about the competition. You are unique and your fanbase will grow because they like YOU.

Do not compare yourself to another. You don’t know their journey and how long it took them to become the successful super star they are now. Work on you, your work and the rest will come.

You are bringing to the table what no one else has…yourself. Shine bright!

3. Stop checking emails obsessively.

This is one I struggle with sometimes. It’s so exciting getting sales! They are like great presents. At the same time, they are distracting and sometimes…discouraging.

You may check your email one day and you are getting sale, after sale, after sale. Then the next day…. NADA. Don’t stress!

It’s the flow and ebb of things. You aren’t going to be poppin’ every single day. I suggest trying to hit a whole month goal instead of daily for clip producing.

4. Diversify

Definitely sign up to multiple fetish clip stores. It gives you that diversification needed to maximize your profits. When clip site isn’t doing to well, you could have customers going crazy on another.

Also, customers are loyal to different sites. One customers may like ManyVids more, the other Clips4sale and the other IWantClips. You definitely want to make yourself available for all those potential customers.

5. Take your time.

Yes, this is work, but have fun with it. No need to stress yourself out. For the most part, you are the captain of your ship. You can create whatever you want.

Don’t try to rush your success. You will end up burning yourself out and getting discouraged. Small habits each day will lead to great rewards.

Take your time and take a breather when you need to. There is plenty of money out there for everyone.

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7 Ways To Spoil Me

It’s no question that I LOVE to be spoiled by admirers, submissives and slaves. Adoration is part of the game when you’re a GODDESS. And I am that totally. Of course I deserve it and so much more.

It’s your honor to give me all that you have. And it’s perfectly natural to feel like you do about me. Giving makes you feel wonderful, so give freely!

  1. Tributes Of Appreciation. Send me a nice tribute with a sweet message attached. I love tributes $100 or more the best. It really shows me you appreciate me and are thinking of me.
  2. Wishlist gifts. I love surprises in the mail. Also, my wishlist gives you insight into things I REALLY want. That way you know definitely I will be pleased. Shop my wishlist by clicking here.
  3. BIG clip orders. Massive clip orders show me how much of an addict you really are. I’m really impressed by clip orders $300 or more. It tells me you are really dedicated to worshipping me.
  4. Gift Cards To Restaurants. I LOVE eating good food. I also love eating in inspiring restaurants. Treat me to a good place by sending a gift card to my email address (
  5. Dedicated fan pages/twitter accounts. Short on cash? Worry not, you can still spoil me by promoting how great I am. Dedicate your time to growing another fan base for me. Make it big, make it awesome.
  6. Technology to help my business. If you ever come across a gadget or program that you feel can help me further my empire, feel free to inquire with me on how to purchase it for me. It shows me you really care about my success.
  7. Travel gifts. I love going to new places. Maybe you know of a place I should visit… send me to it on your dime. Or maybe you want to give me gifts to help with long travel on flights. Whatever it is… it feels good to give to Goddess in this way.

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