Diary Post 8

From “VIVA LA ROSIE: Holiday Issue”

Happy New Year! I hope you get all you wish for this year. I hope you also will work to achieve your goals.

I spent my new year getting the most fantastic sleep ever, at least for a short while. I was in a lucid state as my neighbors were setting off fireworks on the street.

Yep, I had a clear view of fireworks, not even 100 feet away from me. It was pretty cool to experience. If you aren’t aware, I am in Medellin right now. The “city of eternal spring” LOVES the month of December. The locals set off fireworks for the majority of December.

Medellin is such a gorgeous city, but I am missing Asia. I’ve been hardcore craving the food of my favorite Asian countries. I am being pulled back to that region of the globe.

Yet, my curiosity is piquing for Europe. I have an urge to adventure in Eastern Europe. Have you been there before?

From “VIVA LA ROSIE: Holiday Issue”

I want to remind you that I am going to AVN this January. I got a pass with Clips4sale and maybe with Myfreecams as well.

I’m getting excited (and a little overwhelmed) for AVN 2020. This is my first AVN and my second sex convention in general. It’s also my first time in Las Vegas. So yeah, a lot of firsts going on here.

I found this gorgeous catsuit on this site. The best part is the catsuit can be custom made to my measurements. How lovely. I’m also considering one of the belts. Not sure about shoes, though.

So what do I plan to do this year?

I am going through the process of determining what I want to accomplish with my brand this year. I am blossoming into the next stage of my career, albeit being still relatively fresh with running a business.

I am in a deep learning stage at the moment. I aim to consume as much knowledge as I can to make myself and my business better. When I say “my business,” I do directly mean my online content creation within the online fetish community.

This year I also want to update my camera and audio equipment. My assistant found the perfect camera for me. It’s an excellent investment to improve my video, audio, and photo quality, which means more valuable content for my fans.

Thank you all for your support. It is incredible to me that there are people out there that enjoy and collect my work. I especially love hearing you gush over me on Niteflirt.

I’m so excited about what I will create this year. I hope to impress you even more and enchant you.

From “VIVA LA ROSIE: Holiday Issue”

But, it’s not all about work, you know! I’m also going to dedicate more time to new experiences. Now, I travel a lot, so I get my fair share of new experiences. But, I want more adventure type experiences. I can quickly become a workaholic (even while traveling) and get lost in the mix.

I mentioned minimalism some time back and wanted to update you on my journey with it. I am by no means an extreme minimalist, but putting some of the ideas into practice has improved my overall well-being and space.

I am beginning to feel more organized and sharpened in my thinking. I am more adept at doing away with clutter in a physical and mental sense. And this all started from me merely wanting a more put together traveling wardrobe.

Yes, I do the whole capsule wardrobe thing. It makes the most sense for me traveling, and I sure as hell wish I figured this out sooner. It’s amazing! I’m currently in the mode of revising it, so that means shopping time soon.

Ok, that’s all I have for now. I produce my clips by doing shooting marathons once or twice during the month. I take a couple of days to shoot as many clips as I can. My next marathon will be Jan 5-8; this is an excellent time to order a custom video from me.


Diary Post 7


I’m in Colombia now. I’ve been here for a month and a half in Medellin. I love the look of this city. It’s is astonishing, being surrounded by mountains. Also, the hills in some parts of the town are crazy! It’s tempting to drive here, but I haven’t figured out the driving style yet. It seems like organized chaos.

The food here isn’t impressive here to me. I’m just not thrilled about it, and I find the Colombian cuisine rather bland. I mean comparatively, my last country (excluding the USA) was Malaysia, and there is a vast difference between the two. The latter I prefer.

There are some food items I like, not love. I still have some time here, so I expect to become charmed with the food eventually. I do love having access to different types of Avocados. I love eating arepa con chocolo with quesito OMGGGG. It’s a basic pairing, but delicious.

Oh, I have something to admit that is so silly. So, I lived in Japan for almost a year, never in that time did I eat Tuna. I am a picky eater, just not to the extremes of how I used to be as a child. I didn’t try Tuna because it looked off to me.

I went to a Peruvian restaurant near my hotel in Medellin. I ordered the most delicious Tuna dish. It was seared sesame tuna over coconut rice with some other pairings. Absolutely divine.

Totally random, but just thinking of this now… Mochi in soup is fucking amazing.

Watching “Hannibal” on Netflix sparked my interest in human psychology. So, quite naturally, I start reading. I’m reading one book now I found on It’s a cool site for finding old books on a vast majority of subjects, primarily academic. I started reading “The Red Queen” by Matt Ridley. This book is about sex and the evolution of human nature.

I’m intrigued by human behavior lately. Doing this type of work is a direct contributor to my curiosity. As some of you know, I love to go deeper. I will ask you so many questions to get to the core of you. It helps you go deeper, as well.

You need me to do that for you. You need release.

I want to check out Peru. That restaurant and others I have gone to are amazing. I want to experience the cuisine in the country. I must research what else there is to do there. Have you been to Peru before?

I am confirmed to go to AVN this January. If you see me on the floor, definitely say hello. Gush over me in person. I need some cute clothes for AVN, but I’m also keeping in mind that it will be COLD.


Oh well. I can’t wait to see around Las Vegas. This will be my first time in the city as well.

Ok, that’s all I have for now. Just a skim of the surface for you today. I am going to put together “Viva La Rosie” holiday edition. It will come out by surprise…cause I don’t have everything together yet LOL.

Are you thinking of sending me a gift for Christmas? I would love an Amazon gift card. There is a new camera I want for filming and taking photos. Help me by contributing to this excellent piece of equipment.