Diary Post 1

Today was a good day to finally start my personal site. It wasn’t anything in particular that drove me to start it. What I mean is I just…fell into it.

So, the story goes like this…

I was on YouTube. I don’t remember at the moment what video I was watching. It doesn’t matter… all that matter is at the start of this video there was an ad. The ad was about creating a Wix website. Thus, from there the magic happened.

It was innocent at first. Really, at this point I had no intentions of *actually* starting my website. But, the ease of user interface pulled me in. It was SO easy. I just couldn’t resist myself. I got pulled in.

I created one page, then another, then another! And before I knew it I had created a site I actually liked. And I thought to myself “yes, this will do.”

So here we are. It’s time we start to dive deeper. I want to really get inside you.



Advice From A Goddess

Dare to still remain interesting.

Entertain me my sweet jester. I despise being in the presence of a dull slave. Creativity should not go out the window. And dare not think you should put the full weight of our interactions on me.

I am the beautiful one. The one that is most desired. Not you… thus, you don’t control anything. You are at the mercy of my alluring physique. Every part of you weakens before me.

I can see why you may go mind-numb. Nevertheless, I expect your best and more. That means extending yourself to break past the mind mush stage and actually make yourself of worth to me.

Truly entertain me. Show me you are not just another jerking loser. Reveal yourself to be a slave truly sincere about giving your life to me.