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Look At Ass

Just look at my ass. I want you brain-dumb over my ass. I don’t need to speak, my ass does all the talking. You communicate well with my ass. You understand my ass. My ass understands you… your wants… your needs. Just look at my ass. *There is no talking in this clip. There is a slow-motion effect in parts of this clip.

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Dumb For Ass

My Goddess ass makes you so dumb for me. Your mind empties and you just turn into a gooning weak-ass addict for me. Staring at my ass turns you into my total ass bitch.

You are focused on it shaking, jiggling, and how shiny the oil makes it look. My big ass makes you so dumb! So very dumb for Goddess. You are speechless and in awe of my powerful ass. It rules your cock.

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My Ass Makes You Cheat

Look at this ass. Look at your wife. You know which you would choose: my ass! I make you lust for me. I make you cheat on your wife stroking to my ass.

You can’t tell her how much of a bitch you are for my ass. You go behind her back to worship me… cheater! Hahahahaha, like you give a fuck. My ass makes you a gooning cheater. Fuck your marriage, fuck your wife. Goon to my ass.

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Rosie’s No Nut November: Stroke To Not Cumming All Month

Handle this tease. You aren’t cumming any time during this month. It will be hard not to. I’m so hot and you want me so bad. But you must be a good little gooning slut and obey. Stroke, stroke, stroke. No cumming.

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