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Twat Swat Lip Jerker

I get you nice and horny for me. Your cock is so noticeable and hard. You really are turned on, aren’t you? I put my barely covered pussy in your face. You like this twat don’t you?

What if I smack you with it? Twat swat! Twat swat! Hahahahahaha! This is sooooo fun. I love swatting you with my twat. Ok, ok, you want to cum right?

Give my pussy a kiss thru these bikini bottoms. Pucker up now. Good. Now you can cum to my puckering glossy lips. Ew! Don’t think I’m going to help you clean up that load loser!

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Asshole Is Your Religion 9

Oh, most devoted worshipper. How you love my holy asshole. It is quite divine indeed. Bow down and worship every single hair of my precious asshole. So precious to you, your God indeed! Sing praises as you worship by stroking your lowly cock to your God. Oh, how divine is my asshole! Oh, how sacred every single hair is!

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Sexy Hairy Ass Tease

Teasing you with my hairy ass/asshole. Waving my sexy ass in your face, shaking it, smacking it. It looks so good every time. You can never get enough of this hot ass. Just look at it in the preview. You know you want to indulge every minute of this hot video.

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