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What It Means To Be My Bitch

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Be who you are! Be my bitch. So many of you would LOVE to be my bitch. You would love to be my lap dog that I call upon to do my bidding. Unfortunately, the majority of you will never measure up because you are lazy. You are shit in your vanilla life and continue to be shit online LOL.

Nevertheless, there are always those who are truly invested. Those that will strive to be apart of my life in a truly meaningful way. The road to this is arduous, and as it should be. Any of you with even a smidgeon of intelligence can figure out why.

To be my bitch takes a commitment to the cause of adding value to my life. You are dedicated to ensuring my happiness. You do everything in your power (and what I allow) to make sure I am comfortable, cared for and worry free.

You reject your so called natural inclination to always put yourself first. This takes much practice. Daily reminders are necessary to scrub clean the dirty programming that you have been taught throughout your life.

You must commit to reprogram and rid yourself of any mental blockages that prohibit you from doing the great work of becoming more of my bitch every single day. This is a gradual process, not something you can achieve overnight. That is why it is not for the flighty, phony and lazy so-called beta men that exist. You should seek to set yourself apart from the scum.

You want to be my bitch because you are missing something from your life. It is different for every one of you. I believe it is because you truly need my guidance to truly discover parts of yourself that are deemed “bad” by society. Parts that you cannot share openly because you fear shame.

Deep down inside you are afraid to be yourself. You need my protection, you need my guidance. You love to lust after me, it is only natural for my words to sink deep within you. You naturally crave more of me. You want to be more useful to me.

It will scare you, it will give you a rush. You may come and go. I mean you always come back. You’ll see. I know you. I know your patterns, I know what you will do.

Just succumb and be my bitch. You will see this is what you needed all along. Being my bitch means freeing yourself of all the bullshit that holds you back from living your true potential under my shoe. My weight on your head so you know who your boss is.

I will have you begging for my spit. Begging for me to even look your way. My deep, dark and mysterious eyes make your legs feel like jelly. You are so aroused by me it drives you crazy. Just admit it, you are my BITCH.