Happy February!

Happy February! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I just love a day dedicated to love, affection and lust. It fills my heart with such joy. Plus, it is another day to eat yummy chocolate.

The other day I bought some pecan delights made by Russell Stover. I do not believe I have ever bought these before, but I was instantly addicted to them.

I am fighting back to the urge to eat a whole box of these scrumptious morsels of delight. Of course, I am not going to stop you from getting them for me, go ahead and splurge a bit on my wishlist. I would love to munch on them on Valentine’s Day.

Look forward to clips being about love addiction and general Valentine’s Day theme for the whole month. I think everyone could use a little more love this year. 

You know my love varies for the lot of you. It can go from nice and sweet to sensual and wicked. You will see this play out in my clip releases.

I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy during this pandemic. I am itching to travel, and that is putting it lightly. 

For some reason I am reminiscing about Cambodia, Malaysia, and Japan a lot. I miss Cambodia for its rawness. I miss Malaysia for the food and inclusivity. I miss Japan for their focus on quality.

To be honest coming back to America (after being away since 2016) and getting right into the madness was a kind of mind fuck for me. Finding my center was essential in 2020 because one was prone to losing one’s mind in all of that. 

I focused my attention on expanding my knowledge further in the areas of economics, finance, law and medical.

Throughout all the madness I had to remember my goals and aspirations. I am so happy I got to release two subsequent issues (holiday and birthday) of Viva La Rosie.

 The magazine is more for me than you all LOL. Seriously, I love to put together looks and model. You all get to benefit from my perfection. I know many of you enjoy my issues.

I am thinking of doing a Summer issue next. Can you just imagine the hotness I am going to come up with for one of my favorite seasons? Mwahahahahaha! You will just have to wait and see. Just know that you are going to be drooling your ass off.

Enjoy my clip releases this month. Now, do not get too mind fucked and find yourself REALLY in love with me. You know I tend to convince you of doing and believing whatever I want…