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Cuck Loser

You really are a simp, ass bitch. Yeah, I get super horny… but not for you, bitch. I would never fuck your loser ass. Just look at me. Really take all this gorgeousness in. I am PERFECT. Born this way. And you… born a cuckold loser.

Yeah yeah, life isn’t fair and you got dealt a really bad hand in this department, bitch. You are obsessed with me and I don’t even know who you are. You’re a nobody. Another obsessed loser that loves to hear about how I like to get fucked and pounded by a man, leagues better than you.

You can only *wish* and *hope* to ever sniff my panties, bitch. Eat your fucking cum, you loser cuck bitch.

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Cuck Ass Cum Cleanup

I know you are distraught that I keep seeing this guy today. But I am just so horny hubby. Do not worry this time I bought you something that I am sure will make you so happy. Your surprise is inside my asshole. I saved it just for you hubby. Time to clean me up.

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