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Ebony Ass Makes You Brain Dumb

We love turning your brain to mush. Our asses make you dumb. Our asses make you goon. You don’t think well when you goon. Fuck, you don’t think at all. You just goon, goon, goon. The more you goon, the dumber you get for us. The more we use you to our advantage.

Featuring Goddess Aspen Aires

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Blog, New Clips

True Ass Bitch

Do you think you can really please a woman, HA! You look more like a little bitch to me. You look like a bitch for my ass. Just look at this perfection, perfectly crafted to fuck your mind up.

You are so fucked up right now. Go ahead, start gooning your dick. That’s all your bitch ass can do anyway in the presence of such greatness. You aren’t worthy of pleasing my ass for real.

You couldn’t even handle all this ass. Stroke your cock like the bitch you are. I can make you do anything just having this ass in your face, bitch!

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