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You’re No Closer To Fucking Me

How many loads have you had gooning to me? How many bitch? Hahahahahaha! So pathetic. And thru all that hand pussy fucking you are no closer to fucking my sweet pussy.

Every time I think of you it spurs me to make a clip. You pay for my thoughts. My sweet thoughts that fuck up your mind and turn you into a drooling addict for me.

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Blog, New Clips

Worship Old Bitch

You are old, decrepit and no one wants you. You are forgotten in society. No one cares about an old bitch like you. Quite naturally you flock to worship beauty and youth. You need me to feel “young again”. Y

ou need me because it is quite lonely to be an old forgotten about bitch, you can have a purpose again by being my old paying bitch. You have lived your years old bitch, time to bring some excitement in your life again.

Besides what do you need money for, you are about to kick the bucket anyway. HAHAHAHA!

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