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The Real Thing Is Better

Enough with these plastic dicks. Aren’t you tired of them? I know you want the real thing, slut. Don’t deny it. Do not lie.

You crave the carnal pleasure of a big cock deep inside you. You lust for the taste of hot hard cock in your mouth. The real thing is always better.


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You’re No Closer To Fucking Me

How many loads have you had gooning to me? How many bitch? Hahahahahaha! So pathetic. And thru all that hand pussy fucking you are no closer to fucking my sweet pussy.

Every time I think of you it spurs me to make a clip. You pay for my thoughts. My sweet thoughts that fuck up your mind and turn you into a drooling addict for me.

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Ass Worship Loop

“Rosie’s ass is my God. I will pray to it every day. Rosie’s ass rules my existence. I will goon to it every day.”

This is an ass mindfuck clip with an ass mantra on repetition. It includes visual and audio effects. The clip is looped for mind fucking effects. This is best enjoyed with earphones in a secluded environment. Enjoy.

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