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On So-Called Sissies On The Internet

"Sissy Aspirations"

You so called sissy fetish bitches on the internet make me sick. You are the most annoying losers contacting me of all the others. I despise your presence because most of you do such a terrible job of dressing up.

The fat sloppy fucks are the worst and always want to do cam shows. I must charge them higher because they are offensive to my eyes, truly. Imagine looking at a pig pile of pale play-dough stuffing himself with a rolling pin in an ill fitted cheap babydoll. The asshole is abhorrent. LOL.

There are the sissies who always want you to “blackmail” them on your social media. Look, I do not care about any one of you enough to put your ugly faces on my beautiful Twitter or Instagram.

For the sake of what? To make other’s eyes bleed with your ugliness. LOL. My goodness, the lot of you are so delusional. And you never pay enough for the honor. You want your ugly face on my Twitter? Pay me 1k and I will think about it.

Sissies always want cock. Black cock usually. They want to be stuffed and fucked like a true slut. You probably idolize some porno bitch you want to be like. Most of you never measure up, you are quite pathetic.

That is why you need me to teach you. All of you need my training, my expertise, my guidance, and my discipline. You do not know what you are doing.

You are experiencing your fetish at such a sub-par level when you just do the bare minimum. Perhaps you do not realize that because you are male, stupid, and horny.

But that is why you choose to be here ogling my website and gooning to my videos. You want the fantasy to be real, but you must commit more to get as close to that as possible. It is to your benefit.

And lastly, stop getting lipstick that does not match your skin tone. You look ridiculous.