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Dumb For Ass

My Goddess ass makes you so dumb for me. Your mind empties and you just turn into a gooning weak-ass addict for me. Staring at my ass turns you into my total ass bitch.

You are focused on it shaking, jiggling, and how shiny the oil makes it look. My big ass makes you so dumb! So very dumb for Goddess. You are speechless and in awe of my powerful ass. It rules your cock.

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Blog, New Clips

Toilet Trader

You don’t know where you are. You don’t remember the last thing you did. You are naked and alone… until beautiful Rosie graces your bitch ass with her presence.

You are going to eat waste until you perish. You will remain here and wait for people to come to use your mouth. They pay big money to use human toilets like you. All you will know is swallowing human waste.


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