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Toilet Boy For Me

Ever since you laid eyes on my ass you become a degenerate fuck that craves to eat my waste. I think so low of slaves like you. You are bottom bitches that live to eat my waste.

How can I blame you though? My ass is absolutely perfect. Just looking at it makes you a desperate weakling. This kind of behavior has always been inside you. My ass just brought it out of you dirty boy!

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Toilet Trader

You don’t know where you are. You don’t remember the last thing you did. You are naked and alone… until beautiful Rosie graces your bitch ass with her presence.

You are going to eat waste until you perish. You will remain here and wait for people to come to use your mouth. They pay big money to use human toilets like you. All you will know is swallowing human waste.


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Goddess Rosie Reed’s Best Of 2020

These are my pandemic besties! Over an hour-long (a value of $120) of my top-selling clips since COVID entered the chat room and fucked everything up. These clips were snatched up by my little hornies at home desperate to jerk off to me. Enjoy my curated top-selling favorites all in one go. My challenge to you is to edge the whole time until the end. 😉

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You Must Crave It

You are having a hard time accepting your attraction to being my toilet bitch. It is your stupid ego that is getting in the way. You must crave my **** like you crave air.

It is the only way to genuinely enjoy your new place in life. You must crave my ****. Just relax, let go and succumb to the path I am setting for you. A new way of thinking that will enrich your life.

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