The Lowdown On Lipstick Fetish

pink lipstick application

“Rosie Reed Lipstick Application”

In this blog post, I want to discuss one of the most popular fetishes on my clip stores – lipstick fetish! I bet you can tell why…I have the most lovely, plush, and big lips. My puckers have made me loads of money from lipstick addicts all over the world.

I love wearing lipstick. I love accentuating my lips in general. They are one of the most prominent features on my face, after all. I find my lips draw men in and seduce them. Even in my teen years, I could tell how mesmerized boys were by my lips.

Who knew something I was born with could have such seductive power? Now I bank off lovesick admirers of my lips. Oh, and don’t think I don’t use these to my advantage in everyday life. Wearing red, primarily, draws attention and makes my prey melt.

When you are face to face with someone, usually people look at lips. Some can’t control this habit, and I catch them dead staring admiringly at my lips. Sometimes I call them out on this…sometimes not. It makes me giggle inside, knowing how I already have them in a trance.

You can pretty much guess what they are thinking about…. they either fantasize about kissing me, having my lips around their cock or anything else of sexual nature. I don’t necessarily mind staring as I am aware of the reasons why. Sex is at the core of who we are; it’s rooted in us.

But anyway, enough about me…let’s discuss what lipstick fetish is.

messy pink lipgloss

“Pink Ooey Gooey Lips”

What is Lipstick Fetish?

Lipstick fetish is a sexual fetish centered around a woman wearing lipstick. Of course, the most popular being shades of the color red. Red is synonymous with seduction, sexuality, and sensuality. It’s a color deeply rooted in sex and danger. Who isn’t struck by the allure of a dangerously sexy woman?

The fetish can be played out in many ways and stimulations. Some love a woman applying lipstick, puckering, sucking on a lipstick tube, making kissy faces/noises and/or leaving lip prints on skin. This can go into giving blowjobs with lipstick on, kisses all over the face/body or making bite marks.

Some fetishist seeks to own the lipstick the woman of their affections has used (and dare I say…eat it.) I haven’t discovered a preference of fetishist preferring matter over glossy, or vice versa. Super glossy lips are popular as well. I find the messier approach to application works well with gloss.

teasing with red lipstick fetish

“Teasing You With Hot Red Lips”

Do you have a lipstick fetish? Tell me about it in the comments below. You can find my whole catalog of lipstick fetish material in any of my clip stores.