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Toilet Boy For Me

Ever since you laid eyes on my ass you become a degenerate fuck that craves to eat my waste. I think so low of slaves like you. You are bottom bitches that live to eat my waste.

How can I blame you though? My ass is absolutely perfect. Just looking at it makes you a desperate weakling. This kind of behavior has always been inside you. My ass just brought it out of you dirty boy!

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The Real Thing Is Better

Enough with these plastic dicks. Aren’t you tired of them? I know you want the real thing, slut. Don’t deny it. Do not lie.

You crave the carnal pleasure of a big cock deep inside you. You lust for the taste of hot hard cock in your mouth. The real thing is always better.


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Using You, Teasing You

Your mouth is mine ass bitch. Any way I want to use you I will. Let’s see how desperate I can make you with my little tease and denial. You’ll be drooling to taste my asshole for real after this tease. I can make you do anything once I have you desperate enough. HAHA!

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