Why I Love Humiliation

Humiliation is an integral part of my female domination POV fetish clips. For me humiliation helps lead you deeper into sub space while you watch my clips. It sets the tone for who is in charge and who is not. I am high and you are low.

I absolutely love humiliation. I feel no remorse about who I humiliate if its consensual. Furthermore, for me to *really* humiliate someone well I require to know more about them.

Sure, I make humiliation POV clips for mass consumption, but the real deal humiliation comes in when you reveal certain facts about you that I can string together to totally mind fuck you into submission. Purchasing a custom video is a great way to achieve that deeper form of humiliation.

Humiliation is a rush for me because I love to take advantage of a weak slave. My verbal beat-down makes you melt in my hands. Here are some ways I love to humiliate slaves that do cam shows with me:

Repeating humiliating words or phrases, e.g., “I’m so stupid. No one likes me.”

Writing words on the body, e.g., “loser” “wimp” “small dick” “bitch”

Emasculation/Feminization, e.g., wearing dresses, panties, dancing like a woman, wearing makeup, sissy humiliation

Comparison, e.g., “Goddess Rosie is so beautiful and I’m an ugly pig.”

Cum play, e.g., forced eating, putting on face/body, eating off something else gross

Eating or licking dirty things, e.g., trash can, bottom of shoes, toilet

Findom humiliation, e.g., making you pay for me to call you a loser, middle finger, cum tax, loser tax

Small penis humiliation

Interracial humiliation, e.g., black supremacy

The list can go on and on! The more I humiliate someone the more devious my mind gets. Yes, humiliation does totally arouse me. It arouses me mentally and feeds my sadism.

Are you into humiliation? What is your favorite type of humiliation? Let me know in a comment or email me 

My on demand humiliation POV clips: here