You Need Correction- Female Supremacist Thoughts

Most men I engage with exhibit some form of weak, idiotic behavior. When a man isn’t trained correctly and guided by a dominant woman, he is susceptible to make poor choices that do not serve the greater good of women. Some of you are so brainwashed by the society that you genuinely believe you are the superior sex. That is, until nature proves otherwise.

Cognitive dissonance rears it’s ugly head when you figure the stick between your legs drives your desire in life. It’s not enough to make money, achieve your goals, and have great experiences. It’s not enough to win the approval of your peers and family. You NEED a woman in your life that gives you purpose.

Now, every man has a mother, of course. But you can only take it so far with your mother (unless, of course, you dip your toes into taboo land.) A mother provides purpose to a man teaching him how to engage with other women not related to him. Biologically you are not supposed to be attracted to your relatives sexually (this is not always the case.)

So, you move on to other women. Your experiences with women consistently define your sexuality. And with the blessing of variety, it all comes out differently for every single man. Your relationships with women will determine how you turn out as a man. Women are essential to the growth and development of men.

The problem is a lot of women fail to acknowledge this fact. Society has brainwashed the masses into thinking men are meant to lead. History has shown us how erroneous this thinking is. Men will destroy themselves over and over again. And in their wake of acting like total brutes, others suffer. How sad.

If you have any ounce of sensibility, you see how your kind goes unhinged without the guidance of women. You see how wrong things go when men ignore the thoughts of a woman. You feel this deep inside you, yet you try to fight it because of your fragile male ego. It cannot take being topped by humans that can conquer without the use of physical strength.

Men are born to serve women. Men exist to protect women. Not because women are weak, instead because men are built that way biologically. It’s your job to go forth and provide. It’s your job to be a workhorse while I enjoy mimosas with other Goddesses. Your joy in life is making me happy. It’s so simple.

The thinking of other men and your willingness to follow the teachings of these lesser beings is the reason you are in the predicament you are now. The silver lining is that you can always make a change. You are free to work towards true enlightenment to awaken to your original life purpose. You don’t have to toil amongst the swine writhing in the mud of what society deems as masculinity.

You CAN change for the better of your soul. Save yourself from the hell you experience every day under the guise of trying to be a “real man.” You are not; you never were. You are meant to serve a powerful, dominant, beautiful Goddess. True beauty can only belong to women. True worship and adoration exclusively belong in the domain of a Goddess.

Now, where do you go from here? You educate yourself. You come to terms with the errors of your mindset. You let the TRUTH permeate your being. This isn’t just kink; it’s your new reality. You NEED correction.