My custom videos start at $15 per minute with a $75 minimum. Turnaround time depends on the complexity of your clip or if you pay for a confirmed turnaround time. Please understand that depending on my schedule and the number of custom clips, I have at the time of your order can lengthen your turnaround time. Shorter and/or less complex custom clips can have a shorter turnaround time.

The base rate of $15 per minute does not include nudity. Any type of nudity is a $80 additional charge. This additional charge does not include pussy spreading.

I offer confirmed turnaround times for different rates. Paying for a confirmed turnaround time means you can expect your clip at the latest of your paid window. For example, paying for a 3-day turnaround time means at the latest you will get your clip within 3 days. A one-week turnaround time is a $20 charge, a 3-day turnaround time is $40, a 2-day turnaround time is $70, and a 1-day turnaround time is $120.

The option for a 2- or 1-day turnaround MUST be discussed with me beforehand to ensure I can achieve your request.

Your custom request comes in standard or 720p HD. If you require 1080p HD there is a $10 charge. If you require 4K there is a $30 charge.

Wouldn’t you love to have me say your name? I will use your name as often as I can for the script you give me. Trust me, I will say it enough to drive you crazy. There is a $40 additional charge for name usage.

Do you desire this video to be exclusively yours forever? You will be the only one to ever view this video. It is something you can treasure forever knowing only you and I know about this moment in time. You can retain exclusive viewing for $500 per custom clip request. I will never upload this clip anywhere.

Please be advised there can be additional charges depending your request. Generally, most custom requests I receive tend to have the additional charges addressed above.

I do not take payment from sources outside of my clip stores. Do not even ask to pay me any other way. You can order through me by emailing me or you can use any of these websites to put in your order: