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Hot Damn! More Censorship For You Kinky Intox Fans

Well, it seems like the overlord payment processors are back again picking on their favorite target: the sex industry. You know, grown adults just trying to get off to their favorite fetishes.

I mean, you cannot even buy something online with your own money to do in the privacy of your own home. This is my American thinking of course.

Personally, I have never done a lot of intox content. Just not my thing.  And where does the responsibility lie for this type of content?


Taken from an email sent by IWantClips:

Please be aware of the following changes regarding the “Encouraged Intox Fantasy” category and the “Aroma” keyword:

“Intox” content, in which the Artist encourages, implies (even indirectly), suggests, or assumes that viewers drink, take, inhale, sniff, or ingest any type of drug, substance, poppers, aroma, or alcohol is not allowed, even if it is stated to be within a “fantasy” context.

The word that gets me the most here is “assumes.” This put’s a lot of responsibility on me as an artist. I never assume you are doing anything (never admit this SEX WORKERS.) My work is for entertainment purposes only.

But these payment processors see it differently. For them, what you are paying for does not stop at fantasy. To them your fantasy play has real world consequences that they do not believe you are responsible enough to mitigate on your own.

Oh, where is this going? You work to earn your money and you cannot spend it on things YOU ENJOY for your own entertainment.

It seems it is getting worse and worse with these mainstream payment processors. Give any of these institutions an inch and they take a trip around the world. Open your eyes, wake up.

But, like everything in life, there are loopholes. There are other ways.

Oppression does not work as one thinks because you know… humans get creative. I will be offering alternative purchasing options for those that enjoy coerced intox content.

I am thinking along the lines of cryptocurrency and other alternative payment options.

I believe if you want to get fucked up in your own home, that is your business. But will you take that personal responsibility when it gets down to the nitty gritty?

Mastercard and Visa do not believe so (shit, your government because who do you think is over them? :p). So, like the responsible parents they are for the grown children of the world, they are taking it away from you.

But I’m your fun Auntie… 😊

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On So-Called Sissies On The Internet

"Sissy Aspirations"

You so called sissy fetish bitches on the internet make me sick. You are the most annoying losers contacting me of all the others. I despise your presence because most of you do such a terrible job of dressing up.

The fat sloppy fucks are the worst and always want to do cam shows. I must charge them higher because they are offensive to my eyes, truly. Imagine looking at a pig pile of pale play-dough stuffing himself with a rolling pin in an ill fitted cheap babydoll. The asshole is abhorrent. LOL.

There are the sissies who always want you to “blackmail” them on your social media. Look, I do not care about any one of you enough to put your ugly faces on my beautiful Twitter or Instagram.

For the sake of what? To make other’s eyes bleed with your ugliness. LOL. My goodness, the lot of you are so delusional. And you never pay enough for the honor. You want your ugly face on my Twitter? Pay me 1k and I will think about it.

Sissies always want cock. Black cock usually. They want to be stuffed and fucked like a true slut. You probably idolize some porno bitch you want to be like. Most of you never measure up, you are quite pathetic.

That is why you need me to teach you. All of you need my training, my expertise, my guidance, and my discipline. You do not know what you are doing.

You are experiencing your fetish at such a sub-par level when you just do the bare minimum. Perhaps you do not realize that because you are male, stupid, and horny.

But that is why you choose to be here ogling my website and gooning to my videos. You want the fantasy to be real, but you must commit more to get as close to that as possible. It is to your benefit.

And lastly, stop getting lipstick that does not match your skin tone. You look ridiculous.

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Clips For Femdom Beginners

New to the world of Femdom? First get on your knees and crawl behind me. Here are some clips sure to titillate your curiosities. Dare to go down the rabbit hole and see what you discover.

You never know where you journey will take you. But first, you must begin. Start with my hand-picked clips that I picked especially for beginners like you. 

Click on any of the GIFS to go directly to the clip for purchase.


Chanting is such a fantastic way to worship me. Repetition is best for a small brain such as yourself. It helps cement and further deepen your addiction to me.

With each chant you become more weak. Watch this clip on repeat. You don’t need cheap gimmicks. All you need is my beautiful face and seductive voice.

Sit down and relax. Breathe deeply. Feel all the disobedience and negativity leaving your body as your exhale. As you inhale you become more and more my slave. Everytime I snap this happens for you.

You will learn to love this when you follow along in this clip. I empty your mind. I fill it with nothing but my voice and beautiful face. You love this. You are relaxed and mesmerized by me. You worship me now. You are my slave. Your mind is mine.

Breathe deeply. Feel more disobedience leaving you. You are becoming a new person… a slave for me, Goddess Rosie. You love this. You worship me now.

Just me, you and your cock. You need your GODDESS ROSIE in your life to tell you exactly how to please yourself. You love the quality time you can have with me.

I love the control I have over you in this way. It’s not just about me telling you how to jerk off. Its also about me fucking with your mind and making you my little puppet.

You want to be a good boy for me? Then eat your cum. Don’t worry…it’s not as bad as you think. In fact, I think you will learn to love it.

I’m going to make you love the taste. You won’t even realize that you ate your cum. My relaxing voice will guide you into doing it seamlessly. No hesitation. You will eat your cum because you want to please me.

Your balls don’t belong to you… no… they belong to me. They are my toys and you… my controller. I make you do whatever I want. How do I control you? By my dominance and sexy Goddess body.

You become putty in my hands, doing anything you can to please me.

You’ll never measure up. You are a beta bitch controlled by my power and beauty. You will follow my every command and help me play with my toys!

You’ve had these desires for a while now. Im here to confirm them for you. I am, after all, a very understanding and thorough Goddess.

You don’t really want to taste pussy, your dick gets so much harder from he idea of sucking big black cock.

You have spent countless hours obsessing, fantasizing and wondering what it would be like to be on your knees for it like the slut you are.

I know you have had many of orgasms watching big black cock in action in porn scenes. You want to lick, touch and suck it.

You want to be a cum dumpster and swallow big black cock cum. You want load after load all over you face! You want to do it for me. Its quite alright to have these urges slave. I wont hesitate to give you exactly what you want slut.

Buy this if: you are a complete big black cock slut.

You are afraid to admit it, but deep down inside you crave it constantly. No one knows your secret, except me. I promise to keep your secret safe, but expect me to put you out like a whore. On your knees to suck this cock for me bitch.

Most men would find my pink panties sexy and cute. So cute they would want to take them off me. They would get hot and horny over my sexy pink panties.

You, on the other hand, admire my womanly figure in these pink panties. You, in fact, want to emulate me. You have a pair of cute pink panties of your own I bet! I know you do, why won’t you put them on so we can be twinsies.

It’s ok, I won’t judge. I know a few “men” like you. I know you love to wear panties because it makes you feel girly and cute. You love how the fabric feels against your little clitty and balls, don’t you?

I want you to put on your pink panties and do exactly as I do and say.