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Don’t Be Delusional


It’s always interesting the types of messages I get. I rarely get hate mail or anyone blatantly trying to disrespect me. I do, however, see how delusional many of you are about your place in my life.

This is a symptom of many of you thinking you are more important than you are. I get why you may think that because you are truly a loser in life. You have no true goals, ambitions nor consistency. You probably believe I owe you attention from your little messages. You probably actually believe I BELIEVE anything you say.

I’ve been in this business long enough to know men will lie for no reason at all. None of you have any reason to lie to me because I could care less truly. You either will do what I say or cease to exist to me. I’m only focused on those who are obedient and give me what I want. If you aren’t doing that then beat it, go play in traffic.

Delusional grown ass men think they have more importance than they do. They believe their presence is a value. They believe their attention has value. They truly believe this and it’s just hilarious to me.

My attention has value. My presence has value. My mere existence is value to men all over the world who know their place in the presence of a TRUE GODDESS.

You don’t get gifts for your existence. You don’t get tributes for your existence. You don’t get to go on lavish vacations for your existence. No one fawns over you. No one thinks you are amazing just for being you. You don’t get paid thousands of dollars per month for being yourself.

YOU’RE NOT ME BITCH. So stop thinking we are on the same level here. It’s foolish.

Keep wasting your time thinking that I’m going to chase you or even care that much about your existence. Realize the facts here stupid: I’m the prize. I’m the one to be chased. I’m the one who you NEED attention from.

Knowing your place in life is essential your happiness. When you act out of order, when you act out of alignment with your true self and purpose… you get poor results in life. You will never experience true happiness with a beautiful Goddess. You will neverrrrrrrrr get the opportunity to be in my presence.

You can never be me. You can never attain the power that I have. The sooner you come to grips with your reality the sooner you can move forward positively in your servitude to me.

I laugh at these type of messages. All of you are replaceable. NONE of you are so important in my life that I can’t just breathe and another groveling bitch will show up to serve me. Get with the program and get in where you fit in.

Messages like this make me laugh, and believe me this idiot isn’t the first. It’s just every now and then I have to make an example out of the mass of losers.

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Men Are My Slaves


I do not view men the same way as regular women. I do not see you as being fit for head of the household (a joke considering most men are socialized unfit for household duties), I do not see you as the superior gender, I do not see you as being stronger, I do not see you as the aggressor, I do not see you in a position of power over women.

Men unchecked are filthy, vile, numb nut, slobbering, warring animals. To civilize yourselves you need the presence of a woman. You need that feminine energy to surge thru you and revive you. Renew you of your ghastly ways so you can traverse this beautiful reality with true confidence.

Men unchecked are plagued with the curse of having a fragile ego. Literally they cannot take their supposed manhood being even a little bit infringed upon. They hold onto this manhood like gospel. They follow the massive illusion of what a man is, perpetuated by other Neanderthals around them that they idolize more than women.

It’s so sick and tragic. These men truly need help, yet the help they need hurts their fragile egos too much. They cannot even take a drip of what I have to offer them: true freedom. It’s a shame they will go thru this life and die in their ignorance.

Aren’t you tired of this bullshit? Wouldn’t you rather do something that improves your life, makes you whole, makes you happy. Life is confusing enough and I know you would rather it be simple. Knowing each and every day your true purpose. Knowing that each breathe you take is contributing to a higher cause than you. And the fact that you are part of that makes your heart smile.

Men are my slaves all around the world. I take all of you that are ready to take steps of confidence knowing that you exist (and a wonderful brotherhood of others like you) to serve, worship and protect beautiful Goddess Rosie Reed. This is not something to take for granted. It’s real, it’s deep, it’s heavy. It’s your responsibility to take your role in life seriously.

I want you to expand your consciousness in order to continually tap into your potential. You can be leagues above your current position in life now with my guidance. Your loyalty and dependence on me will determine your trajectory in life. You need me to achieve your goals. You need my counsel.

I challenge you to take a look at how you have been socialized as a man. Question whether you have been trying to live up to ideals that really are not fitting for you. What do you seem to be missing? Are you really happy being this way? What problems in your life does it cause? What conflict in your actions and thinking?

You have to start being more introspective. Life isn’t worth living just being all surface. No depth, no looking beyond. When you always stay in your little safety bubble you miss out on all the mystery and wonder. I know you feel that nagging feeling. That is why you are here.

You want to be my slave. You want me to use you. You want me to own you. You want to be consumed by me. You need me to guide you and use you right. You love the idea of being used as human capital for my gain and prestige. This is who you need to be. This is how you want your life to go.

I am the bigger picture in your life. The mundane will always exist, but you know I am the overarching principle that guides your life.

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What It Means To Be My Bitch

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Be who you are! Be my bitch. So many of you would LOVE to be my bitch. You would love to be my lap dog that I call upon to do my bidding. Unfortunately, the majority of you will never measure up because you are lazy. You are shit in your vanilla life and continue to be shit online LOL.

Nevertheless, there are always those who are truly invested. Those that will strive to be apart of my life in a truly meaningful way. The road to this is arduous, and as it should be. Any of you with even a smidgeon of intelligence can figure out why.

To be my bitch takes a commitment to the cause of adding value to my life. You are dedicated to ensuring my happiness. You do everything in your power (and what I allow) to make sure I am comfortable, cared for and worry free.

You reject your so called natural inclination to always put yourself first. This takes much practice. Daily reminders are necessary to scrub clean the dirty programming that you have been taught throughout your life.

You must commit to reprogram and rid yourself of any mental blockages that prohibit you from doing the great work of becoming more of my bitch every single day. This is a gradual process, not something you can achieve overnight. That is why it is not for the flighty, phony and lazy so-called beta men that exist. You should seek to set yourself apart from the scum.

You want to be my bitch because you are missing something from your life. It is different for every one of you. I believe it is because you truly need my guidance to truly discover parts of yourself that are deemed “bad” by society. Parts that you cannot share openly because you fear shame.

Deep down inside you are afraid to be yourself. You need my protection, you need my guidance. You love to lust after me, it is only natural for my words to sink deep within you. You naturally crave more of me. You want to be more useful to me.

It will scare you, it will give you a rush. You may come and go. I mean you always come back. You’ll see. I know you. I know your patterns, I know what you will do.

Just succumb and be my bitch. You will see this is what you needed all along. Being my bitch means freeing yourself of all the bullshit that holds you back from living your true potential under my shoe. My weight on your head so you know who your boss is.

I will have you begging for my spit. Begging for me to even look your way. My deep, dark and mysterious eyes make your legs feel like jelly. You are so aroused by me it drives you crazy. Just admit it, you are my BITCH.