Men Need Help.

This isn’t going to be your typical man-bashing free for all. I’m actually not for that kind of behavior *unless* it is to educate rather than destroy. There is a multitude of ways to modify behavior without trying to make someone feel like a piece of shit.

How odd is that last sentence coming from someone that humiliates men for a living? If you’re thinking that, you are only seeing me in one dimension. Doing online female domination has exposed me to the most fragile parts of men.

I know things about some of you that you wouldn’t even share with your best friend. Deep desires and fantasies that you can’t shake. Some of you have had them for months…many for YEARS. What you share with me may not define you, but it is definitely an integral part of you. Everyone loves to experience their form of pleasure.

In a way, you trust me enough to share this part of you based on the assumption that I will *never* see you in person. You won’t have to come face to face with the physical manifestation of your perversions. But imagine if you did? Would that scare you?

Don’t worry. Even if I did know what you look like and bumped into you in real life…I wouldn’t say a peep (unless of course, you are into blackmail, LOL.) The fact is my work has made the ultra taboo mundane to me. I’m really not surprised by anything anymore.

When I look at a man now I wonder what hidden perversions he has. Does he dress up in panties and a bra when his wife isn’t home? Does he secretly wish to have a cock in his mouth instead of going to dinner with his family? Does the sight of a nice ass make him drool at the thought of eating what comes from it?

I remember this one time I got a nice french pedicure. I mean this pedicure was immaculately done. It was…NICE. So I’m just minding my business, pumping my gas when this guy comes up to me. I suppose he made eye contact at first, but he just couldn’t help himself looking down at my feet.

He was a drooling dog. I bet if I told him right then and there to start sucking on my toes in front of all these people he gladly would. He had no shame in his OBVIOUS sexual adoration of my feet. Years ago this would have weirded me out/scared me…but I knew exactly who I was dealing with.

Online female domination taught me that men are not inherently dominant. You don’t always want to be in control. You need a release from this societal role you are put in merely because of your sex. What sucks, even more, is that you cannot openly express this.

You don’t want to be labeled “less than a man”. Whatever the hell that means. Instead of freeing yourself from society’s definition of what a man should be…you come to me to get that pressure off you. I totally understand that.

I’ve become more curious about the emotions of men. Truly I feel men are ignored emotionally. Men expressing emotions that are thought to be more “feminine” can bring on bouts of ridicule. I think that is absolute bullshit.

You know I am hesitant to keep that last sentence because it’s so adverse to the humiliatrix in me. But, I feel like I can totally understand someone and humiliate them about it at the same time. It’s a mind fuck…which is an integral part of the way I humiliate.

I understand men better. I can talk to them without all the bullshit. I can be open and honest. I can be blunt. I can be straightforward. I can understand your frustrations because I am more open. I’m not the typical woman most men come across.

I know this is intimidating to a lot of men. At the same time, I don’t have the same expectations of you as a man. I don’t expect you to be this fake version of what a man should be. I don’t see you thru that lens. I see you for you (even thru humiliation.) You can come to me as a blank slate. You can be yourself…if you even know what that is.

This isn’t me trying to pander to men. Because you all know damn well I don’t do that at all. I’m still going to humiliate and mock society’s shortcomings that put people into these confining boxes.