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Toilet Boy For Me

Ever since you laid eyes on my ass you become a degenerate fuck that craves to eat my waste. I think so low of slaves like you. You are bottom bitches that live to eat my waste.

How can I blame you though? My ass is absolutely perfect. Just looking at it makes you a desperate weakling. This kind of behavior has always been inside you. My ass just brought it out of you dirty boy!

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Using You, Teasing You

Your mouth is mine ass bitch. Any way I want to use you I will. Let’s see how desperate I can make you with my little tease and denial. You’ll be drooling to taste my asshole for real after this tease. I can make you do anything once I have you desperate enough. HAHA!

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Take It To The Head

Rosie invites you over for a drink. You and Rosie have been hanging out lately and you like her a lot. Rosie seems fond of you too. You think tonight is the night you’ll be able to be more passionate with her.

You are both drinking and feeling quite lovely. She recommends you both start taking shots. She pours herself one and leaves your’s empty. All of a sudden Rosie grabs your dick and starts jerking you off.

She comes in close moaning and kissing you as she jerks you off. She wants you to cum for her so bad, inside the shot glass. “It would be so hot if you would eat your cum for me… I want you to do it, it’s going to be so fucking hot. Take it to the head for me.”


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