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You’re No Closer To Fucking Me

How many loads have you had gooning to me? How many bitch? Hahahahahaha! So pathetic. And thru all that hand pussy fucking you are no closer to fucking my sweet pussy.

Every time I think of you it spurs me to make a clip. You pay for my thoughts. My sweet thoughts that fuck up your mind and turn you into a drooling addict for me.

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Only One Way Out Of This

I caught you red-handed with my panties. What were you planning to do with those? Sniff them? Lick them? I knew it, you’re some kind of pervert. Well, pervert, I want you to drop your pants right now.

Start stroking for me you pervert. Stuff these panties in your mouth. Hahahahaha, just look at you! Smile for the camera.

Now do as I say or I’ll show everyone what the true you is like. Swallow that load for me right now pervert.


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Cuck Loser

You really are a simp, ass bitch. Yeah, I get super horny… but not for you, bitch. I would never fuck your loser ass. Just look at me. Really take all this gorgeousness in. I am PERFECT. Born this way. And you… born a cuckold loser.

Yeah yeah, life isn’t fair and you got dealt a really bad hand in this department, bitch. You are obsessed with me and I don’t even know who you are. You’re a nobody. Another obsessed loser that loves to hear about how I like to get fucked and pounded by a man, leagues better than you.

You can only *wish* and *hope* to ever sniff my panties, bitch. Eat your fucking cum, you loser cuck bitch.