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How We Make Out 2

You’ve been a good boy doing my homework for these months. Unfortunately, I am failing some classes, and my parents are so mean about it. I can’t go to any parties with grades like this.

Thankfully, I have you here. They want you to tutor me so I can get my grades up. Well, you know how our tutoring sessions go. You do my work for me, and in exchange, you get to enjoy making out with my perfect asshole.

So, if you want to get to that, you have to agree to do ALL my work. That way, I can go to all the parties I want uninterrupted. All because of you. Come on, tongue my sweet tight asshole now. Mmmmm, you love how it tastes?

I forgot to mention one thing… I just used the bathroom before you came. I took a big dump too! Are you sure you want to keep going? Don’t you taste it?

Hmmm, I knew you were a pervert… but I didn’t think you were craving my ass like that. I definitely can use this to my advantage.

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