How To Share Your Fetish With Your Lover

Fetishes are an encompassing part of your life. Having a fetish offers a kind of sexual release for those that have them. One problem I see with people with fetishes (especially the more niche ones) is the problem of acceptance of it from the person they love.

I believe sharing a fetish with someone you love enhances it tenfold. The newfound joy you will experience will make your fetish even better. Here I offer some tips on how to share your fetish with a lover.

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You’re not weird. Don’t ever think you are some sort of a social outcast because you fantasize about being eaten alive (vore fetish). It’s totally OK, and you don’t need to justify nor be embarrassed that you have this kink.

Everyone has something unique that makes them tick. Don’t think you’re a total weirdo…unless that is your kink of course (that’s a nod to you humiliation junkie).

Try the slow lead. Imagine someone teaches you how to swim by throwing you face first into the pool. How do you think that would go for you? Terribly. Don’t introduce a newcomer into your fetish by bombarding them.

Take the slow and steady approach to gently lead them into understanding your kink. This allows for optimal time for in-depth learning and questions.

Diving head first will only scare most people and have them think you’re some kind of deranged freak.

Female Dominant Mesmerizing A Slave POV Style

Communicate your feelings. Expressing to your lover that this kink really gets your sexual motors going can bring understanding if done in the right. Don’t ever force someone to involve themselves in your kink. Don’t make them feel like they have to do this to stay with you.

No one likes to be made to do something outside of play time. Create a calm atmosphere to talk to your lover about your feelings and sexual motivations.

Whatever ways you can aid your lover to make them feel more open to the conversation helps as well.

You’re probably not alone. You never know until you try…your lover may have a kink as well! You opening up may help your lover reveal or discover their own kink. I mean this can turn out to be more than you thought.

This takes me back to an episode of American Dad where Francine discovered she had a spanking fetish (one of my kinks as well). Initially, Stan viewed Francine as some kind of deviant. But, after talking to Roger Stan opened up to the world of kink and wanted to try as many as possible.

Of course, this episode was on the more extreme ends offs this situation, but the message holds true…you never know what you like until you try. Discovering new things with your partner is what enriches relationships and makes the bond stronger. Go explore.

I know, I know…in a perfect world this all sounds good, right? If only people were as understanding about kinks as I am.

Fear of rejection is a major reason people with kinks keep it on the down low because they believe their partner is too vanilla. What to do then?

Well like I said…you can’t force someone to do nor believe something they just can’t get with. You always want someone to be genuine in their beliefs and actions.

Revealing your kinks to a lover can backfire on you. It can even lead to that person leaving you. In that case, the choice is really yours…you can stay or go.

You have the power to make decisions in your life that are best for you. I personally think it’s best to be with someone that will accept something that makes you happy.

But I understand that not everyone can attain that kind of understanding. And in that case, know that I am here to help you fulfill your fantasies.

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